Take 2 on Holy Night

I’ve pulled a different scrap of fabric to restart Holy Night by Barbara Ana Designs on.  It’s leftover from Penny Autumn and it’s the piece I had originally considered and in hindsight should have done with.

take 2

New DMC have been pulled.  The houses will be the two shades of blue on this one.  I chose a bit darker green than I had used on the other one. Aha and I forgot to add the black or blackish color for the roofs so need to get that on the ring.

I have also decided on my Christmas Eve start or actually the Eve of Christmas Eve I’ll likely start it.  So I guess it will just be my Christmas holiday stitching.  I had thought about starting the Owl Forest Embroidery Red Cardinals chart but I’ve got another cardinal chart I want to start over the Thanksgiving holiday so will wait for the Owl Forest one until sometime later in 2023 but it’s all kitted up with their flosses and ready to go. I also wanted a smaller start since Judy and I will be starting the Three Things Sampler for New Years and that’s a whole lot of stitching.  The chart I’ve decided on (I’m going to kit this one up and NOT change my mind again), I’ve had in my Sunday Stitches group of charts as it also fits my criteria for that.  

do you see what I see


It’s a sweet little stitch.   If I stitch it on 18 count, it will fit in a standard 5 x 7 frame.   I do plan to change the colors a bit and have it not so prim looking (i.e. to me drab colors).   The deer will be a different brown and her dress a different color too.   I’ll just pull some colors I like from the stash.   Chart is available as a pdf on Etsy at Primitive Stitchin if anyone wants to join me in stitching it.


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  1. I am chuckling because like the New Year Sampler, I also have Owl Forest’s Cardinal Sampler to work! I don’t have the floss for it, however. The floss packet was not available when I ordered because a couple of the colors were not in stock. Do You See What I See looks fun and quick.

  2. I just purchased Do You See What I See and a similar one with cardinals. Now I have to decide which one to start. Decisions, decisions.

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