Sunday Stitches Start 11-20-22

Sorry – no finishes to show you today. 🙂   I’m going to try to reinstitute my Sunday Stitches projects.   Those are charts or words on charts that pertain to Christmas Carols and can be any size from smalls to larger charts.  I sort of fell off the wagon, distracted by other projects, and the last one I was working on I didn’t care for so that chart will go up for FCA at some future point.

If I’m not enjoying it, I’m not going to feel compelled to finish it.

So last night after midnight I remembered I still needed to pull a fabric for it.  So I pulled a piece of Picture This Plus in Barnwood, 18 ct.  It’s a brownish gray (showing more gray in my photo)   The flosses are all the called for but as you can see in the photo, those top two greens look the same.  There’s a very slight different in them but they are two different colors.  I checked my stash to see if I had others of these two flosses and I do but they pretty much look the same so I’ll either just use one of them or find a second color to replace one depending on where it is used.  I know one is used for the top half of the tree but haven’t checked where the other is used.


As you can see, I only put in a dozen stitches and then went back to my gold house on Turkey Trot.    But I’ll work on this one today.

The other things that came in yesterday’s mail – a few charts and some fabric.  You know I love cardinals, so I had to get this.   I need to pull the threads to see how I like the thread the females are stitched in (there are two different colorways stitched up/charted for this chart.  Just from the photos I like the brighter red male and maybe the upper left female – our female cardinals have more of a brown/light golden look to them than the more sort of putty look.


This chart has the most wonderful looking alphabet.   And I also really like the color combination used in it which is mostly DMC.   Those little birds on the trees – so cute and although I don’t generally like many borders on charts, I really like this one and I think it’s because it’s a more sort of geometric looking border than one of those random winding vine borders.    I think I like the more geometric looking ones due to my quilting background.     I still haven’t made a final decision on my Christmas start project but this one is in the running.  It does have some Smyrna and eyelet stitches in it but those can also be substituted with just cross stiches.   I actually didn’t know they were there just by looking at the chart cover as it clearly looked like all regular x’s so if you are an aida stitcher don’t be afraid of charts with those two types of stitches.  You can just do a regular cross or, if I want to do those stitches, I just switch to a regular (sharp) sewing needle if I need to pierce the center of the fabric.


And this one is stitched in such happy colors – I really like that bright blue  – and how unique is that giant flower in the center.  This week I will go thru my charts to see if there is something else I want to do for a Christmas start and make a final decision so I can pull the flosses and fabric and have it all set to go but this one is a contender.

And lastly there was fabric.


I ordered all these from Stitch New England, a shop in Maine, because I watch the owner’s flosstubes and at the end she always gives a little shop update and had just gotten in a bunch of new fabrics.  She had lots of choices when I had ordered but a lot of them have sold out quickly.  The top left two – Seaweed and Ballet Slippers are Fox and Rabbit aida, the bright green is Jalapeno by Fiber on a Whim, then the bottom row is Asian, Pistachio and Eucalyptus.   Those last three are all Atomic Ranch fabrics, which I’ve never tried before, but they have the same soft feel of the other hand dyed fabrics I like and the colors are lovely.  All are 18 count except for the Pistachio and Eucalyptus which are 14.