A finish, a start & finish, another start and a planned start….

I’ve got all kinds of goodies to share.    So here is The Huntsman, my September Sampler / Sampler Camp project for this year. So pretty if I do say so myself so that is a finish.

I had gotten this chart – Come Let Us Adore Him – by Lizzie Kate.  It’s in keeping with my Sunday Stitches theme (which I have woefully neglected but intend to start on again next year if not before) of stitches that depict or have words from Christmas Carols on them.

I will probably start that one later tonight or tomorrow but need to go see what fabric I want to stitch it on.  There are three little white snowflake buttons that came with it.  It calls for 30 count linen and would only be 7″ x 3.5″ on that (which would be about the equivalent of 14/16 count aida).    I think I’ll do it on smaller count and not frame it since those smaller size frames are hard to find but I do love the look of that ornate frame that it is shown in.  But the jury is out on that idea  – it will depend on what color of fabric I can find in the stash that I want to use as to what count I stitch it on.  So this is the “future start.”

As for the “start and finish,” see that little Joy ornament in the bottom corner – that was a bonus chart included and I started it last night and finished the stitching on it last night as well.

A very quick, fun little stitch.   As I was stitching it, I was envisioning a much larger version of those “poinsettias,” making more rows with more in each row to make up a poinsettia Christmas tree shape and a border of the wreaths at the bottom with the lines above and below all the way around.   I plan to give that a try at some point.

And then, because I’m a night owl and still had prime stitching time left, I pulled out a book that had a turkey chart I had been wanting to stitch for fall/Thanksgiving.   It’s called Turkey Trot and you know what I fell in love with was that golden house.  Add the fun prim turkeys and those stars in pots that reminding me of quilted stars – it’s a winner chart for sure.

And it didn’t hurt that I had the perfect gold on a floss ring with some other colors that would work for this sitting right next to my chair left over from a project I had finished.  So grabbed a scrap of fabric – leftovers from the Turkey Love chart I had recently finished – and got that started as well last night.  I want to get the house outlined, with all the various little roofs stitched in, and then it will just be all fill in for the house.  I do plan to change the colors in the star/flowers to something more lively – maybe rust shades.  Won’t decide until I get to stitching them.