And another finish – I’m on a roll

So yesterday I showed the little cardinal I finished and showed the New Years Sampler which I was nearly done with – just a few more white stitches to add.  Well I finished those white stitches on the NYS last night, dated and put my initials in it, but won’t show it again until after I get it framed. My goal was to get it finished before this Christmas and I made it!

So then I decided to pull out The Huntsman which was my Sampler September/Sampler Camp start.   I just had abut 6-7 inches of the border to finish.  That is now complete! But I’ll wait until daylight tomorrow to take a photo of it.  So then what… wasn’t time for me to go to bed, there was some good stitching time left, so I went searching thru my project bags and pulled out Quaker Christmas.  It’s just a small chart – freebie on the Fat Quarter Shop website if I remember correctly,  and made some more progress on that.


I like that it’s not your “usual”  traditional Quaker design sort of colors.  I am using the Aurifil thread pack called for and it’s bright reds and pinky reds and limey greens and that cheddar gold.   The end of the word Christmas is as far as it goes to the right, and  that big motif I’m stitching on is the top of the piece.   Last night I got the big motif I’m work on  started and filled in all the pinky/red in that motif above the angel.   Once this is done I may work on a few small Prairie Schooler Santas from this book.   The picture below is from my St. Nicholas Day stitch last year – I had wanted a design that looked like what I think of when I say St. Nicholas – the “saint” type person with the crook and miter hat – the one in red and gold.   So I stitched that last year (and it’s not fully finshed yet – I will have to rectify that).

st nick

But the other santas in this book are really cute and they are smaller than the yearly PS santas so pretty quick stitches.

And will I be doing a St. Nicholas Day stitch (Dec. 6) this year you ask?   Well I’m glad you asked because yes I will be and will be stitching this Tralala St. Nicholas Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern.


I don’t know that I will finish it in that shape but I think’ it’s adorable with the donkey laden with gifts and love the blue shades of his robes.