Two snowflakes done

Where’s a good hot glue gun when you need one? Definitely not at my house.   I had two little low melt glue guns that I never liked from the first so I have no trashed those.   My ancient – 20 year old or more – lethal hot glue gun didn’t want to heat up anymore and there was only one glue stick left for it so that too went in the trash.   I wanted to use hot glue on one of these – the snowman – because of the thickness of the fabric gathered around the edges on the back but I came up with an alternate plan which I think will hold it all together.

Here’s the first one I finished.snowmanfull

I covered chipboard with a layer of fabric, then put the stitched piece on top of that, put white chenile around the stitched piece, and then blueish/gray mini pom poms around the fabric piece edge.  Circle shapes are definitely more tricky than squares or rectangles.  This snowflake is about 15 or maybe 16″ in diameter if I remember correctly.

And here’s the second one I finished – I just love this one.  I have one more like it – same chart but stitched on different fabric – to fully finish. This is about a 10″ diameter snowflake because the foam core I used to mount this piece on was cut 2″ x 8″.

sled full

Right before got started on finishing it I went back in and backstitched Santa’s face/beard and hat bring because they weren’t standing out well.  This has the same blueish-gray pom poms around the edges as the other one.



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