A finish and a start – 11-13-22

I saw my first snowflakes of the season yesterday – huge fluffy flakes for about 5 minutes.  I just happened to look out the door that the right time or would have missed it.  I’m glad that’s all it was – I am not wanting snow yet!!

I finished Penny Autumn last night.  I decided I liked it with just the single border line and m not going to add the pennies on the other three sides.  I am going to extend the ends of the side borders down a few stitches, so they look like a continuation of the bottom border and aren’t one stitch outside of that.  It’s just a bit too big (top to bottom) to fit into the frame I had been thinkiing of in my stash so I haven’t decided how I’ll finish it.  It’s about 5.5″ x 4.75″ on the fabric I stitched it on and I think it is just so cute.


I finished this about   11pm last night and was still wide away so hmmmm what to work on next.    Earlier in the day I had pulled out two of the big wooden snowflakes that I plan to mount a holiday stitch on.   You might remember when I bought these last year.  Here’s one of them and I need to get that stitching fully finished onto the ornament as it will be a gift.   I like the color/grain of the wood and didn’t want to paint it so I decided to just rub on a coat of wax.  So got two of them waxed and set aside to dry so I can work on getting the stitching attached this week.

wooden ornament center

Well I was still wide awake so pulled out a chart for a little cardinal that I might want to give as a gift.  The chart came with the hand painted fabric to match what is shown in the chart image.


That fabric is so very pretty but it’s 28 count linen and I will never be a linen stitcher so I pulled a scrap of aida out of my stash


I’m using 20 count Fiber on a Whim and the color is Milk and Honey with all the called for floss – 3 Weeks and the rest DMC – so got the DMC on floss tags, found a good movie, and started stitching on it.  I finally made myself put it down about 3AM.

You know I love greens – Weeks Dye Works Bayberry is another fantastic green.  Check out all the shading you get in that floss color.


Yesterday I got my 12 Days of  Christmas box from The Colorado Crossstitcher shop.   It has 12 little packages you can open – allegedly the first 12 days of  December – or any day you want – or well you can open them all at once for instant gratification the moment you receive it.   I chose the latter. 🙂  I won’t show you what was in it because I don’t want to ruin the surprises for anyone else who ordered it but it was a fun package with lots of stitching goodness.


3 comments on “A finish and a start – 11-13-22

  1. Penny Autumn looks really good with just the single line stitching on the three sides. I think all the pennies would have looked too busy. I’m really going to love the cardinal! Our family always says when you see a cardinal it means your loved ones are watching from heaven.

  2. The “unused linen ” could maybe become a “needle cushion”; like a batting stuffed yo-yo ; the backing being one of your lovely floss winder cards.

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