November 12, 2022 – the end of summer

Yes, I think summer has official ended – we had three days in the upper 70s the first week of November; two days in the low 70s this week; and right now, its 32.  It’s going to be in 30s most of this coming week and then Friday thru weekend only in the 20s with our first nighttime temps in the teens – or at least that’s the forecast now with a few flurries making an appearance during this week.   The warm fall temps were definitely nice while they lasted.   This morning when I opened the door to take a photo of my stitching in natural light, it is definitely a crispy fall day but overcast.  I could hear a woodpecker rat-a-tat-tatting on one of the trees on the hill outside my door and as I was looking for him (I saw him but he flew away before I could get a photo), I spied this bit of bright red not far from me.  There was another cardinal farther back in the trees too.


I’ve been working on Penny Autumn all week and nearly have all except three sides of the border done.   I changed up some colors from the called for, changed up some color placement in certain areas, and made mine a bit more colorful, adding purple and green to the border and other spots.  I just have that bit of the house to finish before tackling the rest of the borders.


I’m debating on the penny border.    Will it make it look too busy with the colors I have added to it if I do it all the way around the same.  Should I do the other sides with just the brown/rust colors and leave out the purple/green.  I would just leave it as is – sort of looks like everything is standing on a table with a penny rug tablecloth right now, but I need to add at least a single line border around the other three sides since partial motifs are anchored to the border.    I also think I might have a frame here that will fit this but need to find the one I’m thinking of to see if it really is similar in size.   But my plan is to stitch in the black single line on the other three sides (which is the start of the penny border section anyway) and see if it looks okay with just that.

So Saturday chores are underway, my grocery order is to be delivered soon and I’m most happy because they did have the cornish hens I wanted in stock and on sale even.  I usually make cornish hen for Thanksgiving for me and the last two years I had trouble getting them.   So I will have all the staples of my Thanksgiving dinner here ahead of time and not trying to find them at the last minute.  And butter was on sale at a price I never thought I’d see again.  I don’t use a lot of it but some holiday treats I usually make for friends at Christmas definitely need it, so I will have a bit of it in the freezer anyway.

Happy Saturday!