As Promised – Turkey Love is Finished

I said I would finish Turkey Love before starting a new project and I actually did!  This is a not-so-great indoor photo – its dark, pouring rain, and really windy.   We timed our breakfast out (a friend and I) just right because it was only misting when she picked me up, rained while we were in the restaurant, but stopped until about 10 minutes after I got home and then just down poured.  Hence, the floss colors are a bit duller looking in my photo.  I went looking for this frame last night and could not find it but I KNEW I had a rust or reddish color one and after looking again this morning found it.  It’s just a standard Mill Hill 6″ square frame, available at a lot of stitching shops, and it will be the perfect fit for this.  Mill Hill frames come with a little wooden peg you can stick in a hole in the aback of the frame so it can stand up on its own, or you can hang on a wall.   I like the versatility of these little frames.  I’ll set aside for now and maybe get it actually framed next weekend.  I did miscount and made the year box two stitches to short from top to bottom but was able to adjust the charted numbers to fit within that box.  A very fun and quick project to stitch.

turkeyllove-finish 11-4-22

penny autumn

Then of course I still had a couple hours to stitch last night so I started on this chart I had shown yesterday.  Another Plum Street Samplers chart called Penny Autumn.   This was a chart from 2016 but I had not seen it before and instantly fell in love.    But I am going to change up some of the colors.   Like in the penny border, one rust color is used for the inner circles and then they alternate two different colors for the outer circle of each penny.   I decided I wanted to pull some dark purple and my new favorite green DMC (730) so I’m going to alternate the rust pennies with some purple/green pennies.   The yellow flowers are too light for me so they will be a darker gold color and there’s some sort of taupe-ish star points that are too blah so I’ll likely use the purple there too.   Here’s how far I got last night.   I started bottom center, did the black outline sections around the pennies to the left corner and then started to fill in the pennies.  That border is going to be so easy to do and fun – and it’s all about the fun for me.

penny autumn

These colors look true and my favorite green I mentioned above – it’s that one on the bottom. It’s just a little bit darker/richer looking in real life so goes with the fall colors well.  That light yellow is the one I’ll be replacing with a richer gold.  The to Dye For Fabrics is 18 ct  and even the color name fits with this project – Acorn Top.  It has great shading/mottling in it.