Turkey Love start


My start last night on Turkey Love.  I had some but not all of the DMC so had to substitute a few colors.   The fabric is 18 count Buckskin from To Dye For Fabrics.     As I was stitching this I was thinking about some of my upcoming planned starts and other projects I want to start on.

One of them I’d really like to start on (which is a chart I’ve recently ordered by haven’t received yet) is Grateful, Thankful and Blessed.   Depending on my fabric, I will be changing the color floss of the thread for the words – so many people I’ve seen stitching on that those letters are really ghosty and you know how I feel about stitching something you can’t really see.  I also think I may remove the word “Harvest” from the bottom and put my last name in there.  It has the same amount of letters and all the letters in Russart are already in the chart so just need to do a bit of math to figure out the spacing.   Anyone else stitching on this one?  Or want to start along with me?  I had chosen a different chart for my Thanksgiving start, but I plan to do this one instead.  I’m planning to just pull threads from my stash for this since I couldn’t find all of the called for at any one shop and I may change a few of them anyway.


The other thing I’ve had the charts for about two years now and really want to get started on is the series, Hometown Holiday from Little House Needleworks.  They can be stitched individually but I’ve posted before about Deb from County Stitchers and saw that she was stitching groups of them into a long row which I loved the moment I saw it.  You can find the link to the flosstube where she shows it on this prior blog post where I liked the flosstube episode and talked about the 10 x 34″ cuts of fabric I had gotten for it.    This will be a long-term project.  My plans (which you know are ever changing) is to get one group of buildings done a year from when I start it.   Deb calls hers “Phases” – and she has done them in three separate long sections (last I saw she was working on the third and final phase of her village.)

I think there are 22 separate charts in all – and there’s some other Little House Needleworks charts for ornaments or other “villages” that are of similar size so you could mix and match and make a whole darn city.  But I’m thinking of changing the chart I had planned to start on Christmas Eve Eve and getting this project started then with the church and creche.   In the meantime, I think I had made a list of all the floss colors somewhere (or I need to make one) and start pulling them to put on a ring.  This is a project I could easily substitute colors in (and like will some) but I want to put together a ring of all the colors that I actually do have as a starting point.  Or I may start it sooner depending on when I get everything gathered together, but I’ll save the floss gathering for some other weekend.

pbchartLast but not least (because I need to go mix up some bagel spread for my lunch and  and then mix up a meatloaf that will be for dinner and stop thinking up more projects I want to start), since this chart was passed on to me and I’m done with it, it is up for Flash Chart Adoption (read FCA rules at top of blog button if you don’t know how this works and want to play along).