Two More Ornament Finishes

I finished the border around the Santa this morning and decided to it and the other little stitch I had finished, both from the December chart by Prairie Schooler, fully finished.    I had two prefinished boards – the check fabric is two fabric covered layers back-to-back (so it looks the same on the back) and came complete with ribbon and hanger and the second prefinished piece is a fabric board attached to a wooden painted board and again that one came complete with ribbon and hanger too – so all I had to do was put my stitching on chipboard covered in batting and attach it to the prefinished pieces.  The stitched area of these is about 2″ x 3″. 

dec 2


6 comments on “Two More Ornament Finishes

  1. Those are really pretty! When you do finishes like this, or even framing, how do you handle the bulk of fabric on the back? I just tried to frame a small piece and the back of the frame doesn’t fit well because of the bulky-ness. Do you have a framing tutorial by any chance?

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