The Huntsman progress


All the stitching on this is done expect for the border.   Finished off the tree and birds next to the gentleman and added the date and my initials and brought the bottom border across the bottom a bit more during my stitching last night.  The border is very easy to stitch so I may leave this to one of the nights I don’t feel like having to look at a chart and can just stitch on the border and see what else I might stitch on later today.   I’ve got a couple of other Christmas ornaments I may want to make as gifts for a few co-workers so may have to peruse the charts to see what I might want to work on.

Otherwise, it’s laundry day and there’s some to fold and put away, loads to switch and some to hang up to dry, and I just turned the coffee pot on to de-lime it — yes, a very exciting Sunday around here! 🙂

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