Four More Fully Finishes

I seem to finish things in sets of four lately.  Last weekend I fully finished four fall things and this weekend, four more finishes.

First up is this freebie chart.  I think its Santa in his everyday wear – looks like he’s ready to hit the ski slopes.   The which tab below the first photo is the ribbon that holds the two sides of the finish together.  This is a prefinished easel so when you open it up that ribbon keeps it from opening too far and standing upright like in the photo on the right.  I have some charms I may or may not add across the top of it.

A Little Dog aka Oscar

Next up is The LIttle Dog! on one of the prefinished boards I showed earlier today.   I didn’t add the little silver charm that came with the pattern that said I love dogs with a heart – similar  to the image on the dog’s bowl.  There jusst didn’t seem to be any to add it to this finish but I have some other dog finishes coming up so will add it to one of those.  This will be a Christmas gift for a friend who has all dog ornaments on her tree.  


If I remember right this was a bonus chart in The First Thanksgiving book.  He’s  on a prefinished piece that does have a hanger but it’s like a box about 1-1/2″ wide so could stand on it’s own too.  The fabric piece on the box is washing out a bit in the photo because the chenille was the perfect match to it.

And lastly – a Prairie Schooler finish on a little wooden hornbook type thing.  II may add some ribbon to the top yet but haven’t decided.   I didn’t use the called-for red, I wanted something a bit brighter, and the chenille was the perfect color match so I had to add that.

prairie schooler


Oct.15.2022 – Stitching progress

It’s a lovely fall Saturday here.   This week the temps have definitely put a chill in the air.  I popped outside to take the photos in natural light and it’s mid 40s, a bit breezy but nice and sunny.  A perfect fall day.

So here’s what I’ve been stitching on this week.  Oh but first, the last Flash Chart Adoption (FCA) for The Little Dog posted last week has a new home to go do.  Kelly I have emailed you to get your mailing address.  Congratulations.

Okay – I pulled floss and fabric for Olga’s Tart Sunday night or maybe Monday , can’t remember which – and finished stitching it Thursday night.   I changed up the colors a bit and a little bit of the design.

The pumpkin was a brighter orange with greenish section lines.  I wanted more fallish rather than brighter halloween jack-o-lanter colors so had some Valdani floss out and used three shades of orange/rusty colors rather than just two colors as charted.  I also changed the moon color and left off a lighter area on the left side of the moon (which actually doesn’t even show up well in the chart image).  I think I actually did stitch it on the right count fabric so it will fit in the tart pan for finishing but I haven’t determined yet if I will use the tart pan or do some other finish.  Oh and I changed the whiskers – they were supposed to be longer with curlicues on the ends but I didn’t care for those.  Olga looks like she’s a sassy little cat.


So Thursday night and last night I picked up The Huntsman, my Sampler Camp project, and I’m nearly done with the main stitching on that.   I added the tree next to the peacock and then the section above that.   I just have that tree left to finish, and a couple of birds and that circular doodad next to the house to mirror the other side and then it will just be the border to finish.  I also changed the man’s suit to blue from some brown shade – love the shape of those breeches he’s wearing, he’s such a dapper-looking man.


And in between that I’ve been overstitching some of the white areas on my New Years Sampler to make those pop a bit more but I’ll wait to show that until it is completely finished.

Later today I may do a little bit of finishing.   I received some fabric prefinished items to mount my stitching on and would like to get the ones I have done as Christmas ornaments (gifts) done until they are needed for gifting.   Here’s what I received this week (and I have a few others I had previously ordered so just need to match up stitched pieces to finishing pieces).  The gingham one is a double-sided fabric chipboard piece (looks the same front and back except for the bow on the front) and the others are all fabric covered chipboard mounted to wooden backers.  I used that plaid fabric (except in an easel style) on a prior piece and just love that fabric so had to get more items with that fabric on it.