A Confusion of Confetti Crosses

That is definitely what I have.  Although this style of stitching is not my norm, I decided to give it a shot because this super secret stitching would be the perfect gift for that secret someone if I don’t go mad stitching it first.  🙂  I had wanted a change from adding all the white snowflakes in NYE Sampler and this is definitely a change.  I’ve never stitched one of these charts that seems to be generated by pixelating software (or so it looks to me), so will reserve judgment to see if the called for DMC colors really match the look of the image when they are stitched.  It’s definitely slower stitching because the chart colors/symbols are very similar in some areas so you have to really look to see which one it is but progress is being made.  I started it Sunday evening and it’s on 16 count Picture This Plus and the color is Regency – not a true white but close – with two stands of floss.  I may have to remember to enlarge a copy of the chart when I’m at the office tomorrow to make it easier to read and maybe mark off areas where I’ve stitched.  But here’s my secret gifty stitching so far.ccc