Well since this is all I’m stitching at the moment

I shall just have to post a new progress shot.   I made really good progress yesterday.  A reminder of what the full chart looks like:


So there are basically two different vignettes on each side of the house, and I got one completely stitched yesterday plus I continued part of the border along the bottom (so I could use it as registration marks to make sure I was counting for placement properly), and I also got the placement line stitched for the scene in the middle.   I love those two cute little birds.

9-11-22 progress

And I forgot when I grabbed the mail Friday that I had some Colour & Cotton 18 count coming so here they are.


The fabric on the left – Oatmeal – is a 10″ x 34″ cut – they sometimes have irregular cuts on their website of leftovers from other cuts and this is perfect for a project I want to start in the not-too-distant future (or two others that are of a similar series type project).  One of them is the Hometown Holidays series by Little House Needleworks.  I think I might have the whole series of charts and I actually stitched the train station in December 2020.  After stitching that one (which still needs to be finished into something) I decided I had stitched it on too large a count fabric (14 ct)  and too light a fabric since there’s a lot of “snow” in these charts so don’t want to continue using that same fabric as I want them to be smaller.  So that one will get finished into something separate – ornament or something.  After stitching that one I also was watching Country Stitchers on Flosstube .   If you go to about minute 2.30 in that flosstube, Deb shows how she stitched some of the town in a row so I’m taking my inspiration from her.  I love it.  I had actually not watched their earlier flosstubes (haven’t had time) so hadn’t seen that first one she had done until now but have seen the second phase she did and she is now currently working on her third phase of the Village.   They are all stunning.    So that might be a possible project for that odd cut of fabric- I do have a different smaller snowy series that I might use the Oatmeal for instead tho  and stitch Hometown Holidays as several rows together in one piece if I can find a 20 count fabric that will work.  I need to pull out all the charts and do some figuring to see just what size piece I might need.  Luckily the website has the stitch count for each block so I don’t have to open up each individual pattern to find the size so I’ve made a list and one of these days I’ll start plotting this project.   In the meantime, as I was going thru those charts I realized I had a duplicate of one chart.  So its up for FCA – if you don’t know how these work (or what the heck FCA is), click the FCA button at the top of the blog to make sure to follow the rules if you are interested.

ree lotFCA closed 9-16-22 — Sherry Bobak is the lucky adopter.

Yep another progress shot

I said yesterday I wasn’t going to keep posting photos every other day of my progress – well it’s not every OTHER day since I posted just yesterday. 🙂

But I think I solved the issue with liking the windows unstitched but having already stitched some of the window panes in.  Some of you had suggested leaving them as it was with some rooms having “lights on” and some “lights out”.  But the arrangement I had stitched was not symmetrical and you know how things like that bug me.   So I had decided to just fill them all in and had started on the lower left most window and had it about 1/3 filled in when I decided to stop stitching that one and fill in the one to the right of the door.  After I filled that one in, I liked it; it was symmetrical, and I ripped out what I had put in the lower left window.    I’ll wait until I get it all done to make a final decision but I think I will leave the rest of those window panes blank.  The house and hard is now complete so now to decide if I work on the right side or left side or the middle section motifs.  So many choices.


9-7-22 Progress

Yes another progress shot of The Huntsman.  But no I won’t bore you with photos every other day of this.  I’m going to wait until I get significantly more done before I post this one again but am so glad to have the main part of that house filled in.  This is where I left off last night. The checkerboard and striped sections I’m working on now are fund to stitch and go quite quickly.  In looking at this now I’m really wishing I hadn’t started to fill in the window panes.  I rather like them unstitched but don’t think I want to rip out that black I already have stitched in.

9-7-22 progress

9-5-22 progress

So I might have taken advantage of the 3-day weekend and done a lot of stitching, and not a whole lot of cleaning, but then it WAS a holiday weekend. 🙂  Since my 9-3 progress photo where I had the top third motifs done except for filling in the background of sky and grass, I have now made great progress on that big house.  That house is a whole lot of stitching especially when you get the roof line wrong and have to rip half that out, and then later where you stitch one thread of the house fill-in area with the wrong color and don’t realize it until after the whole thread is stitched!  I was stitching around windows so didn’t really have any of the house color up against it till I got to the top and noticed my craziness.  So ripped that back and fixed it.

9-5-22 progress

The house in the chart photo looked like a really dark red (and I had thought about changing it) but no – it’s several shades of brown.  I did change the door tho to one of the blues in the called for colors that I really like rather than a black door.  I’m hoping to get the rest of the brown filled in so I just have window panes to finish but that will depend on how much stitching time I may or may not get tonight.

It was a good thing it was a three-day weekend and that my office chair at home decided to break on Friday (and luckily that did not end up with me on the floor!) so I had time to order a new chair and get it delivered on a day I worked from home to make sure it wasn’t sitting out in the rain or anything.  I was a bit dubious with the three -day weekend that Amazon would really truly deliver the chair today as they said they would today by 7PM and that they would actually deliver it to my door at the backside of the apartment building -going up and down six steps to get there and around a sidewalk to the back.   (You know I have sometimes had to retrieve my packages from outside some neighbor’s door on the front side of the building).   I really really didn’t want to try to get a 50 lb big box o’chair from the other side of the building to my door on my own if they did that again.  And since I didn’t get a shipping notice until yesterday (having ordered it Friday) I was even more dubious.   But Amazon came thru!

I ended up with one of my wrought iron patio chairs (made for tall people) to sit on today since it was a work from home day which was actually quite comfortable (except I prefer a chair without arms) and was very happy to hear (it was a nice day and I had the inside door propped open) a dolly cart going up and down stairs and two guys talking and a big box being delivered to my door.  So it arrived at MY door many hours earlier that predicted, the delivery guy was walking away as I opened the door to drag it inside and even stopped to ask if I wanted help but I didn’t need it) so now I just have to put it together.  I do hate putting things together but if I remember there was not a lot of assembly on this chair last time (I’m replacing the exact same chair I ordered 11 years ago so I think I got my money’s worth since it’s my office chair and had been my quilting chair so saw a lot of use in those 11 years).  But since the patio chair was comfy for today, I may wait until the weekend to unpack that big box and all that packing material.

So all in all it was a very good day – new chair delivered as promised and my work day went well because I got to lots of projects I have been wanting to get to without a lot of interruptions.  And tomorrow at the office they are serving us breakfast so it will be a good start to the day.

9-3-22 progress on The Huntsman

Quick snap of yesterday’s stitching progress.

9-3-22 progress

I’ve got all the motifs done in the top third of the piece.  I have the grass and sky outlined in the center so when I feel like just stitching without have to refer to a chart I can work on filling in those areas.  I got a start on the fill-in work on the left side but there’s a whole lot of stitches left to do.   Speaking of a whole lot of stitches, I’m kind of anxious to skip down to start on that huge house so maybe later today I’ll work on that.

The Huntsman progess – 9-1-22

I had a wee jump start on my Sampler September / Sampler Camp stitching (but it was allowed since we could use a sampler already in progress for Sampler Camp) so here’s where I left off this morning – got the start on the Huntsman this morning before work in his bright red jacket.