NYS progress as of 9-26-22

9-24-22Here’s where I was when I last showed this on Saturday.


I am closing in on that open unstitched area.  A couple readers had commented and sent me emails  that the number 3 was missing in the chart.  It has all the alphabet letters and zero thru 9 but the 3 is missing, something I had noticed before and made a note on my chart but in case anyone is stitching this and didn’t see it in the comments, there is no number 3.  I plan to add it in somewhere, just haven’t decided where yet.  But here is where I finished last night.  

teh 9-26 progress

I was going to just stitch on this thru last night and go back to The Huntsman but I think I will stitch on this all week and see if I can get it finished off.