Saturday Nite Stitching and Flosstubes

I got some good progress on Prairie Life Sampler last night while catching up on several flosstubes.  They are so inspiring to see what others are stitching on.  Many of the ones I watch stitch things similar to what I stitch, but I also enjoy watching some that have totally different tastes than mine and are things I would never stitch; for instance I’m totally in awe of some of the huge, full coverage pieces some people stitch (absolutely beautiful!)  tho I would never stitch one myself (unless it was a full coverage ornament size). 🙂   But it is like going to a quilt show – I can appreciate and enjoy seeing the beautiful quilts, the different fabrics used, the different styles and all the work that went into each stitch, but there are many of them I would never consider making because they are just not my style.   So there are a group of flosstubers I usually watch but then I’ll pick one I’ve never watched before to see what they are working on.  And it’s a good way to get finishing ideas seeing what other stitchers have done.   And of course there are similar videos for all kinds of crafts.  Always something interesting to watch since I don’t watch the regular tv channels except for the news.   Anyway – I ramble – here’s what I got stitched last night.


The house roof is basically only outlined (and then a few more stitches to finish off the length of thread I was using) because I’m working on one page of the chart and that’s where the first page stops.  The chart is printed nice and large and easy to read on landscape orientation, letter-size paper so I want to get everything else in that tree/cabin area stitched left of center before moving to the next page and  completing the outline of the house.   I’m afraid that if I fill in just that section of roof on the first page now, it might look like it has a line down the roof where I stitched that side before moving on to the next page due to the hand dyed flosses I’m using.   So I’ll wait and fill in the house and roof all in continuous line after moving to the next page.     It’s definitely easy stitching so far – outline a tree and then just fill it in.  I do really like that tree that is only partially stitched – the alternate spots do not get filled in with floss which adds a nice look among the filled in trees.