Prairie Life Sampler – Plan B

Well I thought I’d be able to stitch the faces that are charted for linen fabric one over one just as normal  cross stitches on aida and then just use small french knots for the eyes.  So I decided to try stitching one in the margin of the fabric to see how it looked because having zombie looking people was not going to do it for me, so the look of them was going to make or break that section of the chart.    Nope – definitely did not look right  – they would be very scary looking bug-eyed people and pretty much just as scary without the eyes.  Hence the need to go to Plan B.

prairielfecloseup In Plan B, pretty much everything as shown in the chart will be gone.    Ma and Pa and the family are having dinner INSIDE the cabin so they do not appear in that row.   The horses and Jack the dog have been securely locked away in a barn behind the trees to keep them safe from that wandering bear.  But I do like the covered wagon.  So the new plan, which should be easy to execute, will be to evenly space out three horseless covered wagons across that section and hang quits on a line strung  between  the wagons.  I may look in the Brenda Keyes Ultimate Sampler Motif book to see what other motifs might be in there on keeping with the prairie theme but for the moment – wagons and quilts are the plan.

Here’s my start after making a zombie face. LOL  But this photo is actually a good one showing the color of the fabric in natural light (it looks darker indoors).   I did have more of that tree stitched (it’s the tree just to the left of center, right behind the house, but for some reason the strand of floss I was using was looking fuzzy as I stitched like it was worn out, shredding floss so I took it back out and restarted.


That tree is done in Weeks  Sage and it’s one of my favorite light greens.

3 comments on “Prairie Life Sampler – Plan B

  1. I like the idea of doing away with the people and adding covered wagons and quilts. Those people are a little creepy looking anyway.

    • yeah I’m kind of picky about people in charts. The ones In the Huntsman are a little quicky but they work for me. There are so many samplers with Adam and Eve on them and little cherubs which most of the rest of the sampler design I like, but the Adam and Eve and cherubs look really creepy to me so I just pass those charts by. I’ll just leave those for other people who love them to stitch.

  2. You came up with a great plan! I agree with Sherry . . those people look creepy enough as they are. No need to up the creep factor. I have two Adam & Eve samplers that I get out from time to to time and it’s the people that cause them to go back into the bins but when I see them stitched by others, they don’t look nearly so weird so I may do one or two of them some day.

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