Whole lot ‘o stitching going on

9-16-22 progress

I had very little of the grass and sky done in my prior post photo but look!  I’m nearly done.  I have just a little bit to fill in between the deer and huntsman and all that area will be done.  That is a whole lot of stitches.     My original plan for Sampler September had been to stitch on this one until the 15th of the month and then pick back up my New Years Sampler to work on for a few days or start another sampler.   The Huntsman is for Sampler Camp which actually runs to the end of the year so there’s no rush to get this one done.   We shall see.  I plan to stitch on this one tonight to at least get all the sky filled in and then will decide if I want to carry on with this one, switch to NY Sampler or heck start something else.

Ever since Judy mentioned The Prairie Life Sampler I’ve been thinking about that one because I thought I had all the floss for it so searched the “stitch me sooner rather than later basket” and yes, I do have chart and floss and I would just need to pick some fabric from the stash so maybe I start that???   Must go concentrate on finishing that sky first on The Huntsman………..but don’t be surprised if you see a new start tomorrow. 🙂

And, my prefinished, fabric-covered easel I had ordered arrived this week.  I was going back and forth between framing, doing a cube finish or some other flat-fold finish with Stitchin’ Witches but when I saw this fabric choice I knew it would pick up all the colors of the fabric and floss I had used in this stitch so ordered an easel.   I wasn’t thinking because I could have ordered just a single fabric-covered flatfold piece and not the easel because I actually do have an easel that I could have set it on but oh well.  I save that though for future flat-fold finishes.  The stitched piece is just folded and sitting on top but you get the idea.   One of these days I’ll do some finishing and get this one all done but I’m also waiting on some variegated floss that has all those colors in it so I can make my own cording to go around the edge of the stitched piece.  But I think this is going to be so cute on that easel.


Sherry Bobak is the lucky recipient of the last FCA – The Tree Farm – so congratulations Sherry. I’ll be sending that to you next week.