Well since this is all I’m stitching at the moment

I shall just have to post a new progress shot.   I made really good progress yesterday.  A reminder of what the full chart looks like:


So there are basically two different vignettes on each side of the house, and I got one completely stitched yesterday plus I continued part of the border along the bottom (so I could use it as registration marks to make sure I was counting for placement properly), and I also got the placement line stitched for the scene in the middle.   I love those two cute little birds.

9-11-22 progress

And I forgot when I grabbed the mail Friday that I had some Colour & Cotton 18 count coming so here they are.


The fabric on the left – Oatmeal – is a 10″ x 34″ cut – they sometimes have irregular cuts on their website of leftovers from other cuts and this is perfect for a project I want to start in the not-too-distant future (or two others that are of a similar series type project).  One of them is the Hometown Holidays series by Little House Needleworks.  I think I might have the whole series of charts and I actually stitched the train station in December 2020.  After stitching that one (which still needs to be finished into something) I decided I had stitched it on too large a count fabric (14 ct)  and too light a fabric since there’s a lot of “snow” in these charts so don’t want to continue using that same fabric as I want them to be smaller.  So that one will get finished into something separate – ornament or something.  After stitching that one I also was watching Country Stitchers on Flosstube .   If you go to about minute 2.30 in that flosstube, Deb shows how she stitched some of the town in a row so I’m taking my inspiration from her.  I love it.  I had actually not watched their earlier flosstubes (haven’t had time) so hadn’t seen that first one she had done until now but have seen the second phase she did and she is now currently working on her third phase of the Village.   They are all stunning.    So that might be a possible project for that odd cut of fabric- I do have a different smaller snowy series that I might use the Oatmeal for instead tho  and stitch Hometown Holidays as several rows together in one piece if I can find a 20 count fabric that will work.  I need to pull out all the charts and do some figuring to see just what size piece I might need.  Luckily the website has the stitch count for each block so I don’t have to open up each individual pattern to find the size so I’ve made a list and one of these days I’ll start plotting this project.   In the meantime, as I was going thru those charts I realized I had a duplicate of one chart.  So its up for FCA – if you don’t know how these work (or what the heck FCA is), click the FCA button at the top of the blog to make sure to follow the rules if you are interested.

ree lotFCA closed 9-16-22 — Sherry Bobak is the lucky adopter.