Yep another progress shot

I said yesterday I wasn’t going to keep posting photos every other day of my progress – well it’s not every OTHER day since I posted just yesterday. 🙂

But I think I solved the issue with liking the windows unstitched but having already stitched some of the window panes in.  Some of you had suggested leaving them as it was with some rooms having “lights on” and some “lights out”.  But the arrangement I had stitched was not symmetrical and you know how things like that bug me.   So I had decided to just fill them all in and had started on the lower left most window and had it about 1/3 filled in when I decided to stop stitching that one and fill in the one to the right of the door.  After I filled that one in, I liked it; it was symmetrical, and I ripped out what I had put in the lower left window.    I’ll wait until I get it all done to make a final decision but I think I will leave the rest of those window panes blank.  The house and hard is now complete so now to decide if I work on the right side or left side or the middle section motifs.  So many choices.


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