9-7-22 Progress

Yes another progress shot of The Huntsman.  But no I won’t bore you with photos every other day of this.  I’m going to wait until I get significantly more done before I post this one again but am so glad to have the main part of that house filled in.  This is where I left off last night. The checkerboard and striped sections I’m working on now are fund to stitch and go quite quickly.  In looking at this now I’m really wishing I hadn’t started to fill in the window panes.  I rather like them unstitched but don’t think I want to rip out that black I already have stitched in.

9-7-22 progress

4 comments on “9-7-22 Progress

  1. So, consider the windows you filled in as rooms with no lights on. Leave the others as rooms with the lights on.

    • A good thought but that might would make me crazy as is (not symmetrical) but I have a possible plan tho it may involve a bit of ripping out at this point because I did a bit more stitching than that photo before coming up with the plan. Dang!

  2. I was going to say what Cathy H. already said! And, once you get the whole thing finished, you may decide to go back and pick out the black or finish stitching all the windows. It all really looks great.

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