9-3-22 progress on The Huntsman

Quick snap of yesterday’s stitching progress.

9-3-22 progress

I’ve got all the motifs done in the top third of the piece.  I have the grass and sky outlined in the center so when I feel like just stitching without have to refer to a chart I can work on filling in those areas.  I got a start on the fill-in work on the left side but there’s a whole lot of stitches left to do.   Speaking of a whole lot of stitches, I’m kind of anxious to skip down to start on that huge house so maybe later today I’ll work on that.

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    • Thanks, me too. Although I just had to rip out part of the roof outline and restitch. Luckily I only stitched the top half of the building outline and then decided to stitch in the bottom of the top row of windows to make sure very thing was lining up right. Not – I had miscounted at the fold in the paper chart but only had to rip back half the roof outline. But I’ve got it all back in correctly so am moving on.

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