The Spy and my Sampler September Project

The spy –  well that’s Judy!   Once again, we’re doing/thinking about the same things.     I had taken my finished Stitchin’ Witches piece into the sewing room.  I was looking around thinking hmmm do I have anything I can finish this on in there – a basket, a box, a tin, a wooden piece.   AHA – I spied the foam bricks in the corner – those were large enough so I could do a brick finish!   As I walked back to the computer to email Judy telling her I was thinking I’d do a brick finish – I found this email from her that started out “How are you going to finish it?”   First I told her to stop spying on me!!!    It’s eerie the way we are doing/thinking about the same things so often. 🙂

So my Sampler September project, as I mentioned earlier, is going to be The Huntsman by Brenda Keyes.  This afternoon I finished kitting it up – got the floss all pulled and found a piece of 18 count Forbidden Fiber n the color Granite so I’m all set.  I actually may start on it tonight since I finished two projects in the last couple of days.   Colorado Crossstitcher, who did Cross Stitch Summer Camp, has a Sampler Camp running September thru December.  All of the info is on their store’s website under What’s New and in her latest flosstube.  We can include a Sampler we have already started for this year’s summer camp project so my starting a few days early won’t matter.

  sampler september - The huntsman

look at those lovely fall colors – I think they will all show up nicely on that fabric.

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