Another Finish – Stitchin’ Witches

stitchin witches - finished 8-28-22

If you’ve been reading the blog the past couple weeks you know the back story – Judy is the witch on the right in all her purple glory and I am the witch on the left.  This chart is so fun and was so fun to pick colors for since I changed them up a bit from the called for.  I also gave Judy and I a streak of color in our hair to match our outfits.  We are wielding golden needles and stitched our initials in each of our hoops to match our outfits as well and the screw on the top of the hoop is gold also.  I changed the color of the steam from the cauldron (used more colors – it was charted as just one color) and no, we are not brewing evil concoctions in that cauldron.  If I know Judy, she has that cauldron filled with gumbo simmering away. 🙂   I need fix the owl eye before I forget about it – I got the pupil in one in the wrong spot – he’s supposed to be looking over at the ghosts.   The other two changes – one intentional and one not but I’m leaving it as is — the intentional is the banner the ghosts are holding up with the year on it (there was supposed to be another star in that area between them but I love how the banner turned out) and to the right of the ghost I forgot to finish a star – there’s just the center of it but I’m leaving it because it looks like a giant crossed stich and I like it and it seems appropriate.  The owl’s beak also doesn’t show up well so I may go back and overstitch that with a bit brighter color.

I did have this frame in the stash but it’s not going to fit quite close enough from top to bottom as I would like and I’m not crazy about the gold edge with this piece – want something plainer –  so the frame will go back in the closet.


Hmmmmm now what shall I stitch on???

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    • Thank you. That chart came from Teresa Kogut’s Patreon group so none of the Patreon charts will ever be up for adoption. She may at some point in the future release it for sale.

  1. This turned out great! It is so special that you stit6ched the design together and it shares your friendship. Love it!

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