TA daaaaaaa


I just finished putting the final stitches in this piece so I did manage to meet my goal of finishing it before the end of this month and one large WIP is out of my project pile.  The stitched area of this piece, as I modified it, ended up being abou14″ x 16″.   I will probably always have a love/hate relationship with this piece.   I love it because its done and its pretty and my favorite part is that vignette and I loved the chart from the first time I saw it.   But then there with the issues previously discussed with things being mirrored images but not really spaced as mirror images (okay that may be my issue because to me they should be spaced the same – perhaps the designer really wanted them off kilter but really??), then the chart cover image not using the same flosses as charted, the chart image not matching spacing wise the actual chart – all that made me nuts and took lots longer to stitch this with having to move things about and respace them and made this some days  a chore to stitch rather than a relaxing pleasure to stitch.  But I persevered because I really wanted to finish it (with modifications) once I started it.  I may just have to rip that chart into little pieces tho and get my revenge on it that way. 🙂    The stitch will go in the finished pile until the next time that I decide to order frames.

So tonight I may go back and work on Stitchin’ Witches.  Judy has finished hers and here’s where I left off.

stitchin witces

It’s possible I could finish off this one tonight too unless I decide to start winding all the DMC I recently got and getting them set up on floss tags.  They were ordered for specific projects so I don’t want to forget which ones they need to get kitted up with.

Nearly there… bunting completed

That bunting is done done done!  WHEW!  I wonder how long the bunting would be if I had it lined up end to end all the times I stitched it, ripped it back, restitched it, ripped some again, etc.  I’m glad that’s done.  I added the border at the very bottom since I’m not going to stitch the lower part of the chart.  I do like the look of the table of thanksgiving and may some day do it as a stitch by itself but with all  the changing I needed to do to get things centered and not off kilter as charted, I didn’t want to have to figure out how to center that and more importantly, this stitch is big enough already so I’ll be ending it with that bottom border.   I’m working on the two pumpkins above the border and I think I’ll stitch my initials and year between them and call it done.  I may stitch a little something – star or something else to either side of the title words but I also kind of like that i’s blank in that area so will wait and see until I get everything else finished.

8-27-22 update

The lines down each side by the ladies are just basting lines so I could make sure my bottom border started and ended at the right spot.  And I also just noticed that one of the large urns of flowers looks like it might be missing some stitching in a flower so need to check that out too.    So I think my self-imposed goal of finishing the stitching on this by the end of August might actually be met by the end of today.  I’d better go get the cleaning done so I can get to the stitching.