Sampler September

Judy did a blog post about possible Sampler September plans earlier today.  I swear we have some wierd mind meld thing going on that sends subliminal message to each other as I was just thinking about what I had wanted to work on for Sampler September yesterday, when I moved the chart I had planned to start (when I made up the list of starts on the 2022 Cross Stitch page (tab at top of blog).  I had originally planned to start Red Cardinals from Owl Forest but was not in the mood for that right now.  I moved it back to a Christmas start but it may actually get moved to sometime next year.

As I was looking thru charts yesterday, I always keep going back to the Brenda Keyes Sampler Company charts I have.  I have three of them,  Each one of them is gorgeous and I love the rich colors she uses in her charts – all DMC.

So here are the three charts I’m trying to decide between.  The images may have a little glare on them because she uses actual photos on the front of her charts.

plymouth sampler

Plymouth Sampler.  I love that dark blue house, and of course the green one.  This one is definitely a good amount of stitches with all that ground cover.  And I so love the big trees.   I would likely do all of these choices on 18 or 20 count.  On 18 count (since that is one of the size choices with stitch size information provided on the pattern) it would be 14.25″ x 7″.


The Huntsman.   I love the shape of that house – well not just a house it’s definitely a manor house – very regal looking indeed especially if thereis a peacock on the lawn.   This one on 18 count would be 12.5″ x 8.75″

red house sampler

And this one is Red House Sampler.  Another great house and another fun willow tree.  I love the border on this – I’m just not fond of stitching elaborate borders but it is so pretty I would have to do it.  This one on 18 count would be 15.5″ x 13″.

So if you were to stitch one of those (or if you don’t stitch but had someone willing to make one of these for you – and no it will not be me!) which would it be and why?  And if you don’t like any of them that’s okay too because we all have different tastes.   I think I know which one I will start but haven’t made a final decision yet.  I need to see the flosses (some of which I am still waiting on to arrive) and pull some fabrics to figure all that out.

I likely will actually start it before September since I’m really hoping to have The First Thanksgiving done before the end of the month which is quickly approaching but I still think I can do it.  (If I get off the computer and stop planning new projects and stop digging thru my finished smalls to match them up to some new finishing pieces I got – which is what I spent quite a bit of tie yesterday doing).

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  1. Since I love projects with houses, and living in Massachusetts, I would definitely choose Plymouth Sampler. Also, it would look perfect hanging on my dark blue dining room wall.
    To me the Red House Sampler is too cluttered and easy to miss some of the motifs when looking at the finished product. After working hard on that project I would not want any of my stitching to be missed or overlooked, even if it was unintentional. Whew! That sampler is very busy! I would admire anyone who did stitch and complete this sampler, however! A lot of stitching!

    • Actually “very busy” is exactly why I like that sampler – keeps your eyes moving over all of it to see everything. That’s why its so great there are so many different styles of stitches – something to please everyone.

  2. The one that I would be drawn to stitch first is the Red House Sampler. I love it for many reasons but especially because of the couple under the tree; it is the motif that makes the sampler absolutely charming to me.

  3. If I were to choose one of these, i like the Plymouth Sampler. Love the bright colors and the finished shape of the sampler. A good rectangle that will fit in well with others.
    I’m going to work toward a finish on the Silent Sampler. It will be a stretch to finish it in a month, but at least i will make good progress on it.

  4. Tough choice- but I would have to say Plymouth Sampler. There’s so much going on in it, love the alphabet at the top and bottom as a border and the decorative borders on the side which goes really nice with the trees. There are animals and houses with red doors- the Latin for the year is a nice touch- it is just stunning and would be super impactful on any wall. Might use a mat to frame to really set it off. Look forward to hearing your final decision!

  5. I think I like the Plymouth sampler the best but really hard choice I suppose if you want a quick one it would be Plymouth but a long term project it would have to be red house

  6. I would choose Plymouth Sampler; the blue house is gorgeous! There are so many things about it that appeal to me. The theme goes well with the Plymouth Plantation part of The First Thanksgiving one you are working on. I can picture these displayed together. Whichever one you choose, enjoy it!

  7. Just looked again and realised the huntsman has the least stitching but the Plymouth just jumps at you

  8. Well, you may choose one of the other charts, but I just ordered Plymouth Sampler to stitch myself! Can I say it is all your fault! ! !

  9. I stitched the Plymouth Sampler a few years ago and it’s one of my very favorites. It’s very rich looking. Rather time-consuming but so worth it. I framed it in a similar color to the one in the photo but less heavy. Fun fact, I actually bought it in a terrific cross stitch shop in Plymouth!

  10. I’m a sucker for borders so Red House is fantastic but I know it can get monotonous stitching on that over time. I absolutely love the vivid colors in the Plymouth Sampler. No real help as either of those two would be my vote!

  11. It would have to be the Plymouth sampler for me too. I love the detail and the size – longer than higher if that makes any sense.

  12. Another vote for the Plymouth Sampler. The colors are spectacular. A lot of stitching but so very beautiful.

  13. I really like “Huntsman” because of the trees, but would need to remove gun, sub in shepherd crook, ( please). Thanks for the variety you share with us!!

  14. Although I really like the Plymouth Sampler, I think the Red House sampler is more balanced and the people, animals and house are more proportional to each other. The border is pretty too, it has a rhythm that would make it easy to do.

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