A Rainy Saturday

It’s a dark and gloomy day here but I managed to step outside to snap a couple photos in what natural light there was.

Here’s my progress on The First Thanksgiving.  I had finished off the British flag and now have the  American flag finished and am working on some motifs next to it.


My pumpkins I ordered arrived yesterday  – so adorable.


The largest one will be perfect to mount the chart below on – I just have to remember to do it on the correct size fabric to fit.


And some fabrics from my favorite Etsy dyer.


She has a featured fabric color for the month and a different one for the week so I ordered the week of my birthday and the blue was the fabric color for that week.  The purple and green are for Halloween and Christmas pieces, respectively, the tan is called Buckskin and the gray, Revere Pewter. This was an indoor photo so I couldn’t really get the true colors.  The blue is so pretty as it has bits of purple in it and they all have great shading of lighter and darker colors in them.  And she always includes a couple of flosses.

Okay – my grocery order has been placed.  Among a few other things I have had a craving for a week or two for Raisin Bran muffins but no Raisin Bran in here so I remembered to add to that to the grocery list so I can have some fresh muffins tomorrow morning.  Time to get dressed and then clean out the fridge  I think.

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    • Thanks. To Dye For Fabrics N More – link to the shop is on the cross stich FAQ tab. I’ve ordered lots of fabric from her and I’m never disappointed.

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