The First Thanksgiving – as of today

I just pulled the project bag for The First Thanksgiving to see where I had left off.  My needle is stuck in by the pilgrim woman but it looks like everything has been finished on her and the Native American woman – just need to compare to the chart to make sure.

first thank

Now I have to go back and see what other  changes I had planned to make and decide if that is still my plan.  I just love that vignette of Plymouth Planation in the middle.  That’s my favorite thing about this design.

FCA 8-14-22

How about a Flash Chart Adoption (FCA) for this Sunday. You know what to do if you’d like to adopt the chart; if you don’t know, then read the FCA rules by clicking the tab for them at the top of the blog. This one has some wool applique added to the cross stitch and was fun to make. Even if you’ve never appliqued anything before, wool applique is very forgiving.

August Stitch Camp

8-14-22 Stitching Progress

Clearly I’ve temporarily abandoned my Sunday Stitch plans that I had set at the beginning of the year.  Eventually I’ll get back to those charts but I’m enjoying stitching on other things right now rather than the theme of those charts and enjoying the stitching is all that matters.

Here’s the progress on I love Fall Most of All.  I had to do a bit of stitching and unstitching last night because some of the colors weren’t really showing up well on the fabric or against other colors.  The color for the acorn caps and stems was blending into the pumpkin stem color.   I think it’s just having to do with the discrepancy in hand-dyed floss from batch to batch as usual.


I made the acorn caps a darker brown.  The acorn nuts themselves were a light greenish color.  I love rich golds so had to switch that color out as well.  There were just lots of really similar shades of tans, greenish tans, etc. so I decided to add a few pops of color.  The flower that is outlined in a cream color with a dark center is supposed to be a tan color for the petals too.  I think I’m going to have to add some other color in there too but haven’t decided what color to use there yet.   I was laughing at myself tho because apparently I was really going to town on the bird wing and didn’t realize until I was done that (1) I had done Algerian eyelets rather than Smyrna crosses but they look quite similar, I just did the more time consuming stitch and (2) I started at the top of the wing and worked my way down so in the top row I added one more eyelet so all the rows after that are off.   It’s all good and I like it as is.

Here’s a bit more close up shot of the wing – it has such great texture and even tho you use the same color floss the wing stands out from the body.

close up smyrna

Today is a dreary, gray day so I’m having trouble getting motivated.  But I did get the table cleaned off that I work from when working from home, new desk light set up which is perfect after two years of having every light on in the living room and not feeling like the light was bright enough, so at least one little corner of my world is neat and tidy and organized the way I want it.

I’m thinking my plan for the rest of August as far as stitching goes is work on Stitchin’ Witches on my lunch hours at the office (larger count aida so easy to see with just the light at my workstation), work on the fall project above at home and in addition to that I think I will get back out later today First Thanksgiving to continue to   work on.  I’d love to have the stitching all done by the end of August but that may be a lofty goal. I don’t like having too many big projects in the works and with Sampler September coming up I’d like to get one of the larger ones done before considering starting a new one.  I had decided to make some changes to First Thanksgiving which I think I previously posted – not stitching some of the chart  –  so maybe just maybe I’ll meet my self-imposed goal but since I can’t really remember where I left off last time I put it away, I may not have as much done as I think! 🙂