World Cross Stitch Day

Today is World Cross Stitch Day – I think it should be a national holiday and I should have had the day off work!   Okay not really but definitely a day to be doing a bit of stitching or may be starting a new project.  I have a little needle case book I want to stitch so may pull the threads for that tonight.  It’s so adorable.  But then again, I may just continue to stitch on Stitchin’ Witches.   Here’s where I am now.

Hmmm it looks like the pumpkin Witchy Denise is sitting on is spewing floss from his nose.  Not attractive.   But I’m working on filling in that pumpkin.   I changed the steam rising from the cauldron to three different colors rather than just one and I’m going to have to try to get a close up of the floss used in my blouse.  It’s a DMC variegated in fall colors so has more colors than are showing up in this photo (it was just starting to rain so lighting was not good when I took a quick snap of this).

So start a new project or just do some stitching – it’s world cross stitch day.

6 comments on “World Cross Stitch Day

  1. Love your changes! Fun for you and Judy to do together!
    What needle case chart will you stitch? They make such nice gifts.

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