Stitchin’ Witch updated 8-9-22

Worked on this just a little bit at lunch since it was a WFH day and got just a start on the cauldon.  Last night I finished a bunch  of doodads around Witch Judy.


The eyes and nose of the cat are supposed to be stitched in but I think I’ll just let me green fabric show thru and leave them unstitched.  And Judy thought I was having too much fun so she started on her version of this chart too and is stitching Witchy Me and is giving me a lovely green outfit – you can check it out here.

And in keeping on a Halloween / Witchy theme, I thought I’d share these before I put them away since I had pulled them out and not gotten them put away.  I have a friend who is a big Wizard of Oz fan as is my sister and couldn’t pass up this chart when I saw it.  I think I would finish it like a bell pull rather than a framed piece.


And after I finished stitching the Plum Pudding Christmas version of these mouse charts, I decided I needed the halloween version and sewing room mice too.


And lastly some fabric.  I finally unfolded this one to check out all the splotches.  Love it.  Quarter Acre Arts in the color Fern.  Perhaps a fall looking design will go on this one.


And I also realized that one other piece of Fiber on a Whim fabric I had gotten (which I forgot to take a photo of) I wasn’t paying too much attention to when I bought it.  I thought the listing was for aida or linen and ordered 18 count but it’s actually 18 count aida linen (not aida cotton but aida made of linen).  My fault for not paying closer attention.  I just don’t like the feel of linen but since I stitch in a hoop maybe it won’t bother me.  It’s a pretty color called Blueberry – very dark gray with blue hue to it – or maybe if I get it outside in the light of day it will look more blue.  In any event a pretty color.