Witch Judy is stitched!

Judy Witch

Here she is in all her purple glory.    WDW in the color Taffeta (because Judy would wear a taffeta skirt for sitting and stitch on her pumpkin of course), a matching purple highlight in her hair.  I did tell her she needs to get a little more sunlight (or moonlight) because her complexion is a bit pasty looking.   And as I was stitching the shoes I thought – hmmm if I could only turn those into the flip flops that Judy loves to wear.  Alas, I decided in the end that no witch’s feet should appear in flip flops judging by the shape of those shoes – it just wouldn’t be pretty!   And of course she’s wielding her golden needle ’cause she just finished stitching her initials in her hoop.  She’s clearly all about the purple.   So much fun working on this project.