“You two aren’t right”

Never has a phase made me laugh so hard.   It’s a quote from Judy’s husband about an email conversation Judy and I were having last night (and seriously, I have to admit he might be spot on with that assessment which makes it all the funnier).    You have to read   Judy’s blog post about the conversation we were having last night to get the back story of “You two aren’t right.”  But it came out of a discussion of the recent fabrics I had gotten and I had asked Judy which of Teresa Kogut’s patreon charts for this month – all Halloween themed – she would suggest for which fabric.  We were just having what we thought was one of our “normal” conversations; Vince didn’t think it was quite so normal.  (now go read Judy’s post first before continuing on). 🙂

You’re back from reading Judy’s post? – okay now I can continue with the story:

Judy and I both love green, and lime green is of course the best, so I was 99 percent sure she would tell me to stitch a Halloween chart on Sloth – which is the perfect limey green mottled fabric in my opinion – and Judy’s response when seeing that fabric was “Oh, Sloth! I love Sloth!”   As for charts, she suggested Stitchin’ Witches.   Two witches cross stitching – such a fun looking stitch.

stitchinwitches chart

So now that you’ve read the back story in Judy’s blog post, I’m sure the question uppermost in your mind is “So what color WILL Judy’s skirt be.”    Since she told me she didn’t have a preference, and I know her favorite color (to go with lime green of course) is purple, she will have a purple skirt.   Also those cross-stitch hoops in the witches’ hands – the one on the right (which is Judy of course) – I am going to stitch her initials in the hoop and in the one on the left (me of course) I will stitch miy initials.   I may need to switch the color for my skirt too.  If Judy’s going to have a pretty purple skirt, I want something a bit more colorful too.  And the way the hair is stitched it does lend itself to maybe adding one purple highlight streak in Judy’s hair and a colorful one in mine as well.  See, yes, I’m going to have fun stitching this project!   I don’t have a lot of excess fabric on the sides but I’m going to be finishing this myself so that’s fine but now I’m wondering if I left enough room on the bottom below the bottom border to maybe add in the words “You two aren’t right!”

So at about 7:30 last night, I pulled out the dusty printer from the closet (since I hadn’t printed the chart at work), printed it, (actually put it back in the closet when I was finished with it instead of leaving it on the table to deal with later – miracle!), pulled floss (which went so much quicker with my newly organized flosses)  so I could start stitching on it last night.  I had most of the called for colors which are mostly DMC, along with just a few overdyeds, and then I substituted for the other colors I didn’t have.  The witches’ skin and Judy’s skirt are green so I needed to switch out those colors since the fabric I’m stitch on is green (hence the purple dress for Judy) and I found a pale grayish color I think might be a good witchy skin tone.

stitchin witches

I finished all the bottom border last night and this morning started on the pumpkin Judy will be sitting on.