Festooned stitched and beaded

I finished stitching the tree and went in search of beads.  All the beads I used for fingering weight yarn were too big but there was a bunch of tiny gold beads – I think they were like spacer beads from a bracelet I had broken.  Then the search was on for a needle with an eye small enough to go thru them but I found those.  So it’s beaded, cut some foam board, put a piece of batting on top, gathered the edges of the stitched piece and I have it just temporarily gathered in place.   I need to take out my basting stitch and move it out a bit – too tight to the edge of the piece and I need to shift it a bit to center it.

But here is how it looks

FestoonedcloseupThe bottom of these photos look sort of hazy – it’s super humid outside and my camera lens was starting to steam up when I went outside to get a photo.  That was about 10 mintue ago and now it is black as night with thunder and lightening moving thru.   Hopefully the storms move thru quickly.

Here’s what it will look on the 15″ wide wooden ornament.  The stitched circle is about 4.5″ wide.

festooned on snowflake

And one thing this project has taught me – I hate adding beads! LOL  Such putzy work.   I actually had thought about adding french knots but then when I found the beads decided to use them.   You will most likely NOT be seeing any other beaded projects in my future – unless it’s just one or two beads.  Just not something I find fun to do.

I’ll wait to fully finish this one.  I need to decide on some trim to go around it and I think I may paint the snowflake white (and have no white paint).  But at least I know ithe stitched piece will fit.

It is gently raining now and starting to brighten up to sort of normal daylight for this time in the evening so hoping the storm is moving on.  We could use a bit of rain tho.  Need to find some dinner and then start on the next snowflake center.

5 comments on “Festooned stitched and beaded

  1. That dancing snowman is so cute! I don’t like to add the beads either but it looks so wonderful when it’s done.

  2. Lovely and I am glad for the paint it white. Thank goodness that tree fell where it did and not on the appartment.

    • Actually I’m rethinking the painting of it. The edges of it are all dark brown wood burned look from the laser cutting and I like the dark edges.

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