Yes another progress shot – 6-30-22

I can’t believe it’s the last day of June – the month has flown by.  And as I typed the date I realized I need to see if my July Cross Stitch Camp project is all kitted up.  I think I chose the fabric but I wanted to switch up a few of the flosses.  So need to get that ready so I can start on that tomorrow night after work.

Speaking of work – I had planned to have more done on this project but working was just too exhausting and I kept falling asleep while stitching last night! 🙂  Actually, I hadn’t slept well while on vacation and I’m now taking the bus after 2 years or so of having my friend chauffeuring me to work, so yesterday I had to be up earlier than I have in the last two years and out at the bus stop earlier than I used to be when I took the bus because they discontinued the route I used to take.  All that lack of sleep caught up with me last night (and the craziness of the first day back at work after a vacation with 437 emails to go thru!) was exhausting and I’d put a stitch in and then realize I was asleep, wake up and repeat, till I finally  gave up stitching.

Anyway here’s where I am right now.  I’m hoping next time I show you this project it will be fully stitched!