June 27, 2022 – New Start – Quaker Block Print

As I said in my prior post I was going to put the WIP I had been stitching on for over a week away and work on something else.  I went thru my WIPS but nothing there was calling to me.  What was calling to me was the new hand dyed floss I had gotten from NightStalkersCalling (Etsy).  I also knew I wanted a chart that could be stitched in one color.   So I pulled out the color Melon-choly which is a gorgeous bluey/greeny/tealy mix.  Then I remembered some new fabric I had gotten that had a greenish tinge, among other colors in it so went on the hunt to see how they would look together.  It was a match! or at least I think it is a lovely match and that’s all that matters. 🙂

I had a single color chart in my “SSRTL” bag (Stitch Sooner Rather Than Later) and so Quaker Block Print it is.


It’s a small stitch (at least compared to many Quaker designs) and I love Threadwork Primitives designs.

The fabric I’m using is 18 count so the stitched area will end up 5-1/4″ x 6-1/4″.  The fabric is hand dyed aida, from Quarter Acre Arts in the color Meadow.    I started stitching bottom right of this chart because the lower right corner of the fabric has the most color mottling on it so I wanted it showing through the lettering rather than ending up in the more stitch heavy upper left corner. The fabric had sort of a faint greenish tinge (rather than white as it’s showing below) overall and then splotches of blues, yellow, etc.

6-27-22 start

I think this one will be a pretty quick one to stitch up and after all the color changes I’ve had to do over the past week on The First Thanksgiving, it is a welcome change to just stitch with one color – and a gorgeous color at that.

6-27-22 – stitching progress

first th - 6-27-22

I picked this one up and have been stitching on it again for over a week and think it may be time to work on something else for a while before coming back to continue on this one.  I can’t be too monogamous a stitcher!   I think I will rip out the word Amen so that next time I pick it up I’m ready to restitch it a bit to the left.  I need a change of stitching for a while so will flip thru my WIPS first to see if anything catches my eye and if not, maybe a new Prairie Schooler or other ornament start.   Plus I need to decide on a fabric for my July Stitching Camp project.  I’ll be stitching another one of this design but not on the same fabric.  Which reminds me in looking at that photo – I have some pearl cotton I need to go back in an add the reins with from Santa’s hands thru the reindeer harnesses.  I also need to pull some additional flosses for this because I will likely use a bit brighter colored flosses for some of the colors in the second one.