Eliza M. Stone 1881 Framed

This is a chart I finished the stitching on last November so it’s been patiently waiting for me to frame it.

Here is what the full chart looked like.


I changed it up a bit when stitching it, leaving off Eliza’s name and school, changing the “L” in the third alphabet to look more like the pink ribbon symbol, every time my initials showed up in an alphabet I stitched them in pink, and I added my Aunt’s initials to the end of the last line.  This chart was a fund raiser chart and is still available on the whilstirisnaps.com for a donation.

Here it is all framed.  My shortened version ends up with a stitched area being not exactly square but pretty nearly so, around 5.5″, so is a sweet little finish.


7 comments on “Eliza M. Stone 1881 Framed

  1. Very nice! And it’s nice to see something that has not been done exactly to chart but modified to suit the user! We all need to be that brave and out our own stamp of creativity in things 😄. Love how it looks as a square piece.

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