This week’s stitching

I pulled this project out yesterday, or maybe the night before, and finished off a couple words on the 3rd line of text and got started on the last line.  That’s the line that I was changing from the original chart to something else and time will tell if I charted it out so that it centers correctly — but even if it’s not truly centered, I’ll not be ripping out any of it.  This is the chart that things have been charted wonky from the get go so if my letters are a few stitches off it’s not going to matter on this piece.

Anyway, here’s the status of this stich right now.


It’s a bit hopeful to think I might get this finished by Thanksgiving – a year after I started it – but a gal can hope.  This is a big project with a lot of stitching left on it.   But I’ve got this week off work so plan to get some good stitching time in on this so we’ll see how much I can accomplish on it by the weekend.