Halloween Delivery

I started the stitch – Halloween Delivery on Sunday night I think and I finished it off last night.  It’s just a small stitch and I used mostly my own color substitutions and also took a bit of license with the design.  Here it is from one of the pre-made fabric mounting blanks I had previously told you about.  I think it will be the perfect size to mount this on.


I was going to mount it to a wooden block after I get the stitch attached to the board but I think I will just leave as is. I have a little easel I could put it on or a wooden plate stand that it could set in for displat – or be leaned against something.

The bird’s wing is satin stitch which took some doing to get it filled in on aida even with using more strands. I stitched the little 4 stitch flowers or buds or whatever around the pumpkins and stitched the leaves but then just backstitched in the vines loosely following the chart. I also added a little bit of grass along the bottom because I felt the bird and the wagon needed something to sit on.

It’s stitched on 20 Count Colour & Cotton and the color is Biscotti. The mounting board is 4″ x 6″ so you can get an idea of the size. The chart is part of the Jack O Lantern Jubilee book by Brenda Gervais.

So last night after finishing this I picked up my WIP for Janet Haigh Pratt 1883 and am making some progress on that. Tonight after I got home I spent over 2 hours watching the weatherman because we had severe storms, tornado warnings etc. which they warned us this morning were coming since it was the second day of 90+ heat/humidity. Luckily so far we only got major downpours but the winds finally died down. Others throughout the state near us were not so lucky and this comes on the heels of Monday’s storm and not all power has been restored from that. I’m very thankful the storms have been downgraded and I haven’t lost power. Temps went from 95 as I left work and its now 73 so I think the cool front has moved thru.