You would think that stitching three little books on the bottom of Miss Bingley’s library would not take as long as it has.   I decided I needed three books – one for year stitched one for my initials and the third to make it all symmetrical.    I started the book with the year in it in one color and didn’t like it so ripped it out and restarted.  Then I started stitching the backstitch on it and had to try several colors before I found one that didn’t totally disappear or appear to bright/stark and ended up having to use two strands to get the year to show up clearly.    Finally added in the other two books and called it done.  But what is wrong with this picture?


When I stitch numbers for the year I do it the same way on most of my pieces or I stitch in the first “2” and then make sure to stitch the 2’s the same way in the rest of the year.  But clearly I wasn’t paying a lot of attention last night when I stitched the year in as 2020!   I didn’t notice it until I took this photo. LOL  This isn’t framed yet so I’ll be fixing that before I frame it.

Now the big dilemma – what to stitch on (after fixing those numbers)?  It is Flag Day this week so perhaps another little patriotic stitch.

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    • Thanks. Tho I don’t think I’m particularly fast – persistent yes, – which just means I’m likely to be able to spend more time stitching than others are who have family and other things to keep them occupied.

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