June Camp Stitching Finished

I just put in the final snowflakes on my Winter Bird stitch for Crossstitch Summer Camp’s June project.  Stitching stated on June 1 and finished on June 5.  You don’t need to have them fully finished but I hope to do so before the end of the month.  Just waiting on some supplies I ordered.  I think I’m going to do a flat-fold easel finish on it.

winterbird - finished

The Block of wood and some framing

Since I needed to get out the black paint to touch up a frame, I decided to pull out the Folk Art Scissors Block and Fob Kit I had gotten a year ago or maybe before that.  Painting things is not my favorite thing to do so it’s been waiting until the right time and since the paint was going to be out, time to paint it as well.

So first the block was painted.  Then you decoupage with Mod Podge your choice of images on the sides and top.  There was a whole sheet of images to choose from.  As you can see I chose two different rabbits, a big yellow house, a parcheesi game board and another game board on the top but I don’t know what game it was.  I just liked that it had a start on top with a circle in the center so I could center that over the hole in the block where the scissors goes in.


La-D-Da Folk Art Scissor Block & Fob Set

I just need to stick the adhesive felt pad on the bottom of it and it’s done.  As for the scissors fob – it’s a pretty ribbon with a silver star charm to string on it to tie on your scissors – cute but since I don’t like fobs on my scissors I’ll just put it in with my finishing stuff to use on something else.

There were a couple frames that needed to be put together so I’ve got two I glued yesterday that I should be able to do some framing with today if I’m in the mood.  But I did get two other finished pieces framed yesterday.  I just need to put the backing on to cover the back of the foamboard and add the hangers.

Mighty Acorn is now framed.

mighty acorn framed

and my Quaker Redbird (Quaker Crow chart) has now been framed as well.

Quaker Crow

Last night I made some good stitching progress on my June Camp project.   I think I have just two holly leaves to do (those little buggers take a long time) and then some snow.