Yes another progress shot – 6-30-22

I can’t believe it’s the last day of June – the month has flown by.  And as I typed the date I realized I need to see if my July Cross Stitch Camp project is all kitted up.  I think I chose the fabric but I wanted to switch up a few of the flosses.  So need to get that ready so I can start on that tomorrow night after work.

Speaking of work – I had planned to have more done on this project but working was just too exhausting and I kept falling asleep while stitching last night! 🙂  Actually, I hadn’t slept well while on vacation and I’m now taking the bus after 2 years or so of having my friend chauffeuring me to work, so yesterday I had to be up earlier than I have in the last two years and out at the bus stop earlier than I used to be when I took the bus because they discontinued the route I used to take.  All that lack of sleep caught up with me last night (and the craziness of the first day back at work after a vacation with 437 emails to go thru!) was exhausting and I’d put a stitch in and then realize I was asleep, wake up and repeat, till I finally  gave up stitching.

Anyway here’s where I am right now.  I’m hoping next time I show you this project it will be fully stitched!


June 27, 2022 – New Start – Quaker Block Print

As I said in my prior post I was going to put the WIP I had been stitching on for over a week away and work on something else.  I went thru my WIPS but nothing there was calling to me.  What was calling to me was the new hand dyed floss I had gotten from NightStalkersCalling (Etsy).  I also knew I wanted a chart that could be stitched in one color.   So I pulled out the color Melon-choly which is a gorgeous bluey/greeny/tealy mix.  Then I remembered some new fabric I had gotten that had a greenish tinge, among other colors in it so went on the hunt to see how they would look together.  It was a match! or at least I think it is a lovely match and that’s all that matters. 🙂

I had a single color chart in my “SSRTL” bag (Stitch Sooner Rather Than Later) and so Quaker Block Print it is.


It’s a small stitch (at least compared to many Quaker designs) and I love Threadwork Primitives designs.

The fabric I’m using is 18 count so the stitched area will end up 5-1/4″ x 6-1/4″.  The fabric is hand dyed aida, from Quarter Acre Arts in the color Meadow.    I started stitching bottom right of this chart because the lower right corner of the fabric has the most color mottling on it so I wanted it showing through the lettering rather than ending up in the more stitch heavy upper left corner. The fabric had sort of a faint greenish tinge (rather than white as it’s showing below) overall and then splotches of blues, yellow, etc.

6-27-22 start

I think this one will be a pretty quick one to stitch up and after all the color changes I’ve had to do over the past week on The First Thanksgiving, it is a welcome change to just stitch with one color – and a gorgeous color at that.

6-27-22 – stitching progress

first th - 6-27-22

I picked this one up and have been stitching on it again for over a week and think it may be time to work on something else for a while before coming back to continue on this one.  I can’t be too monogamous a stitcher!   I think I will rip out the word Amen so that next time I pick it up I’m ready to restitch it a bit to the left.  I need a change of stitching for a while so will flip thru my WIPS first to see if anything catches my eye and if not, maybe a new Prairie Schooler or other ornament start.   Plus I need to decide on a fabric for my July Stitching Camp project.  I’ll be stitching another one of this design but not on the same fabric.  Which reminds me in looking at that photo – I have some pearl cotton I need to go back in an add the reins with from Santa’s hands thru the reindeer harnesses.  I also need to pull some additional flosses for this because I will likely use a bit brighter colored flosses for some of the colors in the second one.


Eliza M. Stone 1881 Framed

This is a chart I finished the stitching on last November so it’s been patiently waiting for me to frame it.

Here is what the full chart looked like.


I changed it up a bit when stitching it, leaving off Eliza’s name and school, changing the “L” in the third alphabet to look more like the pink ribbon symbol, every time my initials showed up in an alphabet I stitched them in pink, and I added my Aunt’s initials to the end of the last line.  This chart was a fund raiser chart and is still available on the for a donation.

Here it is all framed.  My shortened version ends up with a stitched area being not exactly square but pretty nearly so, around 5.5″, so is a sweet little finish.


Vacation time

Yes, I’m on vacation and I’ve spent Tuesday thru this morning having a lovely visit with my parents.  My sister, her husband and one of my nephews also came for lunch one day to see me before they were off on vacations of their own.  It was even hotter by them than at home but we spent the time indoors visiting, watching movies, and playing Yahtzee.  (Dad is the Yahtzee king – he got more of them than Mom and I added together). 

And, Mom gave me a long-awaited haircut – it had been almost a year since I had gotten it cut – nothing fancy just many inches off the back  but my sister had been the last one to trim it  last July when I was there so it was long overdue and ever since I had broken my arm, I can no longer get that arm to reach where I need it to so can’t easily trim it myself like I used to.   Of course Mom and I were remembering the time she trimmed my bangs right before picture day in grade school.  She got them uneven and had to trim them some more, and some more — yes one year in those photos I have very very short bangs! LOL  (I trimmed my own bangs this time!).

I also got a lot of stitching time in but there were issues.  I was working on First Thanksgiving and forgot where I had needed to make a change in the chart from how it was charted to make it symmetrical on both sides — so that meant some ripping, more than once.  I also decided that I think I would have been better off stitching this with the DMC listed  rather than the Weeks Dye Works conversion listed in the chart.  I just don’t think it’s a good conversion also I realize some of it may be because of the nature of hand dyed floss but some of it is clearly just not a close choice to the DMC.  Since I only had the pulled WDW with me, I switched up some of the colors to just other colors that I liked.


So here’s my progress – the Native American was the part I ripped out and redid a couple times.  Although I got the last line of text I had charted centered with the rest of the prayer, I forgot how close she stood to those letters so I’m going to take “Amen” out and move it over.  One of the things I need to do (due to it being not symmetrically charted) is add one row of stitches down the side of her skirt next to the Amen.  You can see it from my photo but the gold part at the top of the skirt sticks out one stich wider than the lower skirt on that side and looks goofy to me since the entire gold section is symmetrically stitched so in my mind the lower skirt needs to match up.   Many people would stitch this whole chart exactly as charted and be happy with it but I would also see those stitches (and other areas I have changed) and see them as a mistake.  You can’t really tell it either from my photo but she’s carrying a basket of fruits and vegetables.


The other thing is her skin tone – way too light although it looks lighter in my photo than in true life – but I didn’t have another good choice with me.  I am so over ripping out things on this project that I’m either going to leave it as is or I may just stitch a different color over the top of it.  At this point I’m just wanting this stitch – with all its charting inconsistencies mentioned since starting this stitch –  done!   In looking at the chart, I’ve decided to leave some of the items out and make it a bit shorter stitch even tho it will still be a large project when framed.

Here’s the front of the chart


I never cared for the two turkeys on the bottom so I will leave those off, as well as the table of food.   The little bit of border under the numbers with the single pumpkin at each end I will move up to under the two ladies and then the alphabet will be under that and I will decide if I do the cluster of pumpkins at each end of that once the rest is stitched.  I still have things to stitch in at the top – both flags, and the motifs to the right of the plantation vignette.  Then there is also the bunting border to be finished.  I likely won’t stitch the single stitch border all the way around (just makes it harder to get centered for framing) and I already had not planned to stitch the vine border.   So… still a good deal of stitching to go but I have my final plan in place.  

Okay enough rambling for now. 



This week’s stitching

I pulled this project out yesterday, or maybe the night before, and finished off a couple words on the 3rd line of text and got started on the last line.  That’s the line that I was changing from the original chart to something else and time will tell if I charted it out so that it centers correctly — but even if it’s not truly centered, I’ll not be ripping out any of it.  This is the chart that things have been charted wonky from the get go so if my letters are a few stitches off it’s not going to matter on this piece.

Anyway, here’s the status of this stich right now.


It’s a bit hopeful to think I might get this finished by Thanksgiving – a year after I started it – but a gal can hope.  This is a big project with a lot of stitching left on it.   But I’ve got this week off work so plan to get some good stitching time in on this so we’ll see how much I can accomplish on it by the weekend.

Little Dog Stitching Finished

My stitching on The Little Dog! is finished.   I decided not to stitch the full chart as it would have made for a larger than I wanted Christmas ornament.

Here’s the full chart


And I decided to stop stitching after finishing the dog and his bowl of bones.  I did add a little backstitching to the large bone to make the edges more distinct.  The chart included a cute little silver charm shown below that I will attach to it when I do the finishing for this piece.

The Little Dog! crocettte a gogo

The Little Dog! crocette a gogo

A new project

When I saw this chart I knew I just had to get it (and tell Judy about it since it reminded me of her Oscar).   I have a dog-loving friend who puts up two Christmas trees, a large one and a small one, and the large one is entirely dog-related ornaments.  So I’ll be finishing this as part of her gift Christmas gift this year.


The area stitched in white do not all show up real well in the chart – for instance it says Bone and the in the lower right “for the Hungry Dog” although you really only notice the word hungry.  And the dog’s body fades into the background as well as the thing with red lines on it — that is actually a very large bone with the two rounded knobs on top and bottom which disappear completely, with a ribbon wrapped around it.  When I ordered the chart I wasn’t sure exactly what that was with the ribbon on it.  So, you know me, I had to make some changes because I’m not stitching things that fade away into the background.  So in this instance – because I didn’t want to change the white, I picked a fabric color that it would show up on well and would be fun to stitch on.


So I went looking in my fabric stash and pulled out this piece from To Dye For Fabrics called Marsh Fern.  It’s such a pretty shade of green.  It’s 18 count so with be closed to 5.5″ square; it has a couple more rows than it is wide so not a true square.  I’m also using a mix of the called-for DMC and some similar color substitutions I made since I didn’t have some of the colors. I an’t wait to get more of that cute face stitched in.

So this is the start of my “Christmas in July” or well – Christmas in June and July stitching. Which means I’ll mostly be stitching on Christmas gifts (like this project); my July Stitch Camp project is the other Santa and sleigh/reindeers that I’ll be mounting on a large wooden snowflake which needs to be started in July and finished in July (I already have the other one I need stitched); and I think I have one other little ornament on my gifting list and that will get all the gifts taken care of.  Plus, I’m planning to work on the New Years Eve Sampler Judy and I started  last Christmas.  Here’s the last photo I took of it – after I restarted on different fabric. Can’t remember if I have more stitched than this or not so it will be a surprise when I pull it out.

2-4-22 progress

I think that’s just a bit over 1/4 of it done.   I’d love to be able to have it completed by this Christmas.