Yes I changed my mind

Well at the end of my prior post I said it was likely I would change my mind about what project I wanted to do for Cross Stitch Camp and I did.  I want to save that chart I posted because the designer has several of them, similar style, similar size and I really want to stitch them all one below the other to make a long patriotic sampler.

But never fear I quickly came up with an alternate plan.  Instead of stitching something for the 4th of July Holiday, the holiday I will now stitch for is Christmas.  I want to get working on the couple of Christmas things I want to make as gifts so doing them as camp projects over the summer will be a good thing. The design I picked is from the same designer as my original patriotic choice and has so many great designs – TheSubRosaDesign on Etsy.  It’s called Winter Bird.


I love the dark gray of the fabric and I think I have some aida in a really similar color.  the only decision I need to make is if I want to make the bird red and change the package color to some other color if I do that.  But I have plenty of time to decide, and get floss pulled and find the fabric.  I also have the camp logo floss cards to put my floss on.

camp flosstags

July’s Camp project will also be a Christmas themed one since the challenge is a project you will finish in a way other than framing.  That will be the second santa and reindeer that I plan to mount on the wooden snowflakes I had gotten.  

As for what I’ve been stitching on most of this week – I pulled out Peahen Bird by Owl Forest Embroidery.

Here’s what it looks like

peahen bird - owlforestembroidery

And here’s where I’m at.  I wanted to work my way over to that big bird in the middle and should finish that off tonight.  I’m using the OFE flosses and they are just so pretty.


Cross Stitch Camp 2022

Yes, Cross Stitch Camp 2022 –  Sheri, owner of The Loopy Ewe, has done  virtual summer camps for years, first yarn camp, then quilt camp was added, then back to only yarn camp when the shop stopped carrying fabric.  I participated in many years of both and some years doing both yarn and quilt camp at the same time.  Well she has sold The Loopy Ewe and now she owns, her cross stitch shop, she started doing Cross Stitch Camp and has announced the challenges for summer Stitch Camp 2022 in her latest flosstube (ColoradoCrossstitcher) and on her shop’s website.

You can find all the info there but like other camps there is basically a challenge to be met during each of the months of June, July and August.  I think I did June and July last year but just played along on my own.  You need to use Instagram if you wish to become eligible for the many prizes given out throughout camp and so your participation can be tracked.  I decided I wanted to see all the other projects the other campers were working on so I finally set up an Instagram account.  There’s lots of SALs on Instagram and it might be fun to see other stitchers progress on the charts I’m stitching on but it’s not a format (Instagram) I see me using much – I don’t really need one more form of media that will keep me on the computer longer as it takes away from the actual “doing” projects time.  But if you are interested, I’m Justquiltin on Instagram, too.

I was going thru charts I have to see what I had that I might want to stitch for June Camp which is a holiday-themed project.  In the section of my charts that I want to “stitch sooner rather than later” were two charts which I had hoped to have finished so I could display  by Fourth of July.  Don’t know if it will be fully finished by then but if I do it for June Camp at least it will be stitched by the end of June.  love the clean, simple look and of course those quilty-looking stars.

Let Freedom Ring by SubRosa

It’s larger than it looks; stitched area on 18 count will be about 8-1/8″ x 4.5″. 

So one of these days I’ll pull some threads and fabric but – unless of course I change my mind on what project I want to stitch on between now and June 1 (which usually happened with my knitting and quilting camp projects!).



Frames ordered last week and a few other things…

This is one of those posts that is more for my own personal information so I don’t forget which frame I ordered for which project when they arrive.  I was just cleaning off the table and nearly tossed out the note with the frame sizes and project info for these frames so decided to put photos of them here so I can match them up when they arrive.

The first is the frame I ordered for Mighty Acorn.

The second is for Miss Bingley’s Library.

The third one is for Peahen – an Owl Forest design I started a while back and put a few stitches into in between other projects. I don’t have a current photo of where I’m at  but I’m still working my way around the bird border.

I also have on my “want to stitch list” a couple projects that would look great in a circular frame.  I found this one and it’s lovely. It does have a hanger on the back so you could hang it on the wall but I loved it because of the little easel that came with it.

And there was some ignoring of the “no buy commitment” stash items (frames don’t count) but I have reasons, really I do!  Okay the reason I ordered a kit (chart and floss) for a chart was I had seen a sneak peak of it and thought it was so pretty and when it went on preorder I wanted to order it – but I forgot until yesterday and figured it would be sold out but no – the kit I wanted (floss and chart only) was still available so I decided I was meant to have it.  (I think that’s an excellent reason and I emailed Judy to see if she had seen it -always best to have a “comrade in arms” when ignoring rules – and she had already ordered it!  Hmm… I didn’t ask her why she hadn’t told me about it in case I hadn’t seen it!) 🙂  So “Janet Haigh Pratt 1883″ will be headed my way later this month and it will be a sweet, petite stitch since on 18 count it would be 6.5″ x 6.625”.  And I surprised myself by liking it so much because it has pink in it and a fairly good amount of pink but the other three colors and that pink work so well together (plus two of the other colors are gold and green – green being my favorite color and gold a close second behind it).

And, since I have been stitching and finishing so many projects since the beginning of the year, my 18 count hand dyed aida choices are dwindling drastically.  I have a couple larger pieces but don’t want to use them since I’m keeping them for the larger charts on my list.   So when I saw that had a new shipment of Forbidden Fiber 18 count, I quickly ordered several fat eighth pieces (13″x18″) which seems to be the size I use the most.    Colors from right to left are: Frozen, Tumbleweed, Waterfall, Granite and Woodland.  I think I may use the Granite for Janet Haig Pratt 1883 and will still have enough left over for another project on that color.


Miss Bingley’s Library progress

A photo that’s not Mighty Acorn – can you believe it! 🙂   I picked back up Miss Bingley’s Library and have made some progress on that.  This is a fun stitch  (yes I say that all the time) but little blocks of color, big blocks of color, it’s a simple stitch.   Mighty Acorn had that viney border and lots of branches and twigs with little leaves and buds (or may be they were baby acorns but I stitched mine on the little twigs to  look like bittersweet berries).  But lots of little areas of just a few stitches and then a color change to fill in around all the larger motifs.   This one has lots of areas you can outline and then just fill in without referring to a chart.

miss bingley's library

I changed the flag from British to resemble US.  I love the flowers in the pot – they remind me of bachelors buttons – a favorite flower of mine.  I put a few rows in on the roof, and when I finish a thread of that, switch to something else.  I’m working on the stacks of books on the chimney and am ready to start adding Miss Bingley to the top of the stack after I add the long stitch lines on the book spines.


I’ve got a new little lamp charging to try out tonight.  It’s a little clip on rechargeable light.  Since I don’t have to use a magnifier, I wanted just a little lightweight light that I can clip on my hoop so I can take it to work and stitch on my lunch hour at the office more easily and when I go visit my parents I wanted a little light to take with me so I can stitch there.  So will give that a test run to see if I like it and also see how long it will hold a charge at the brightness level I want.  It has several settings for brightness and color of the light.

Mighty Acorn finish

It’s done!  I put the last stitches in last night.   I made many color changes, a few placement changes (some planned and some not planned) and left a few doodads out.

I started this one April 27 I think and finished it May 9; it actually stitched up a lot quicker than I thought it would.  I had two frames in the stash roughly this size but alas, both of them are just a bit too narrow.  But I needed to order a frame for a gift so placed an order for that frame and included one for this as well.

So I’m back to stitching on Miss Bingley’s Library

A Sunday Outing

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.    It is definitely not a sunny Mother’s Day here – cloudy and gray but and looks like it could rain although I don’t think it’s supposed to.

This morning a friend and I had breakfast in a restaurant we hadn’t been to in over two years.   And surprisingly we beat the Mother’s Day rush.   It was fairly empty until just as we were leaving when a couple groups of families (10 -12 people each) had just come in.    Yum it was good and we didn’t have to wait for a table.   We beat the rush because I had the first appointment of the morning at a nearby Walgreens to get my second booster vaccine so I’m all boosted which is good because after next week I’m going to send my “chauffeur” back into retirement and start taking the bus to and from the office.  Just a week or so ago they removed the mask mandate for the bus, but I will still be wearing one and was pleasantly surprised when I rode the bus home one night last week to see that more than half the people on the bus were still wearing their masks.

progress 5-6-22


I made some good progress on Mighty Acorn yesterday.  Here’s where I ended on Friday night – still working on the half of a purple leaf.    I had just about everything done on the top last night and was adding in that gold leaf that you see below and realized that leaf wasn’t going to fit.   Rats, I had gotten part of the twigs/buds in the wrong place.  I was going to try to fudge it but the leaf would have looked weird so I ripped part of the branch out.    I have used a bit of artistic license where some of the little items are added but I think I will just leave it as is and add the twigs back in where I can fit them since it’s just sort of filler stuff anyway.   I am loving the way the Whiskey floss is looking in that leaf; it has great shading in it creating the light/dark bits from the same piece of floss.


Then as I was putting away some of the smaller finished stitches that I was thinking about doing a brick finish on, I was looking at O Tidings of Comfort & Joy and wondered if it would fit in a standard 5×7 frame.   It will ,and when I went thru the ones I had on hand ,I have one that will look good with it.  


It’s sort of a dark blue and has a drybrush look of taupe, or a color close to the floss color I used, over the blue.   So here is another one that could be framed.  I’m still undecided though whether to frame it or do the brick finish but will figure it out before the next framing/finishing session.  But I do have options now.

tidings of joy

It’s Finally Spring – for a day or two anyway

We’ve finally gone to mid 50s and 60s this week and the trees are also finally popping out leaves. A sure sign of spring – yesterday was the first day I didn’t need to wear a coat (and my winter coat at that because the days had been starting out in the 30s prior to that).


Not full size leaves yet but leaves none the less and the tulips around the capitol building across the street from work are starting to bloom as well.   Of course we will only have about 5 days of “spring” since the end of next week its going to jump straight to summer and 80 plus degrees! I’m hoping the heat wave doesn’t last real long and we actually get some nice spring weather after that.

I had ordered some new floss drop cards using one of the finished project photos I had taken and since my mouse pad was looking much worse for wear at home I decided to order a new mouse pad with the same design on it.  Those arrived this week so I can get some more DMC on floss tags for a project.


And finally – here is the stitching progress I made the last two nights.

progress 5-6-22

Yes – a Mighty Acorn again

You’re going to be tired of seeing this one. 🙂  I may need to switch back to one of my other WIPS for a change of pace but will continue to work on this one tonight since I’m working on the words and those always go quickly.


Got the tree all finished and those are definitely some Mighty Acorns growing from that tree.  No wonder that squirrel on the chimney is trying to reach one – it would keep him fed all winter long.  I changed some colors around again – leaves are Whiskey, same color I used for flower and border, and I decided to do the words in Oscar, a favorite green.

A bit more progress


Here’s where I left off last night.  I filled in the door and stoop.  I’m not sure I love the door – I used the color I used for acorn nuts in the border.  I’m going to leave it for now and when I get all the other things stitched I may like it better.  I also got a large part of the tree added.  That triangle hanging off the tree branch (which reminds me of the old outside lights a friend had on the farm outside their barns and outbuildings) is actually the cap of a very large acorn.

Back to Mighty Acorn stitching

Now that I’m caught up on framing, I switched back to stitching on the Mighty Acorn the last two nights.


Got the flower finished – changed the inner flower petal color to Whiskey – the same color I’m using in the inner zig zag border.  I ended up using the called-for color, Swamp Water, for the window panes.  I wasn’t sure how it would look with the purple house but I like it.  I’m also going to use that color for the stoop outside the door and make the door whatever color I used for the window sashings and roof.  That house is a lot of solid stitching so I’ve worked on some of the other things saving the house fill in for when I just want some easy stitching.

I do love the cute little squirrel sitting on top of the chimney and once I finish the front stoop for  and the house I can get the next squirrel added that is running across the front yard.  I also changed one of the colors in the motif above the flower and haven’t decided if I like it or not but I’ll leave it as is until I have stuff around it stitched in and see what I think.  But I like how this is coming along.