Pick a number between 1 and 20….

Well no – not you – I have already  picked a number between 1 and 20 (I’m my own little random number generator in this case)  and whoever leaves comment number (whatever I have picked) will be receiving the DMC Color chart and two plastic retangular embroidery hoops.  I like these hoops but they are a bit larger than I like to use – the pink is 12″ wide and the green is 10″.  I do use the two smaller ones of this set regularly, and  sometimes its nice to have a rectangular hoop rather than a round one since most charts are not round so you don’t have to move your hoop as much. The DMC color chart is just a color card book – not the version that has  actual floss swatches in it.    I have since gotten a DMC color chart with the actual threads in  so am going to pass the old one along.  I just folded out a couple sections – there are many more – to show you what it looked like inside.  It’s still a great reference if you are trying to swap out colors to see what the called-for DMC really is or if you are just planning your own color conversion from fancy floss to DMC.

So unlike other Flash Adoptions, there is no ‘name of a chart’ to include in your comment but all the other FCA rules apply.  If you DO NOT want to be eligible, please DO NOT leave a comment on this blog post.  And please only leave a comment if you intend to use these all these items yourself.  Thank you.

Edited to add — just to clarify, you do not need to leave a number in your comment.   I have picked a number, your comments show up in date/time order, so I will simply count the comments in that order until I get to the number I have chosen and whoever left that comment will be the recipient.

6-4-22 – FLASH ADOPTION IS CONCLUDED.  Congratulations Jill, you are the lucky recipient. I have emailed you.  🙂

16 comments on “Pick a number between 1 and 20….

  1. I’ve always like the number 13, but since you picked the number already, I can only hope I’m the correct comment. I use DMC floss on all my cross stitch projects. I have a list of numbers, but it would be great to have the list with colors.

  2. I have never tried a rectangular hoop. They sound like they would help with less hooping s.

  3. I would love to try a rectangular hoop. I’ve always used round hoops. Thanks for being so generous, Denise.

  4. Love to have on hand the rectangular hoops. I also don’t like the larger round ones.
    Love your little needle works. I do more embroidery than needlework but you know the hoops work for both.

  5. I’ve never tried rectangular hoops. I bet they’d be nice as most charts seem to be rectangular. The floss chart is nice, too. I have one that I bought online but I’m sure the colors aren’t as true as the real DMC one. Love your Memorial Day chart by the way.

  6. I’ve been enjoying your embroideries as you share them. Today’s is especially lovely and posted on Memorial Day! Sincerely, Linda


  7. I have trouble holding and stitching in the round hoop so the rectangular might be better balanced for me. My DMC chart dates back to the 80’s so I am a bit outdated.

  8. I appreciate all your advice and you have inspired me to get stitching after seeing your gorgeous finished pieces.

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