In Full Glory Stitching Finished – 5-30-22

When I picked this stitch for my patriotic stitch for this weekend, I had set a goal for myself to start and finish it by tonight.   If I had not met that goal – no big deal – but sometimes I like to set some goals to see if things will take as long to stitch as I think and of course it all depends on what other stuff I get up to during that time period so you never know.

This time I met the goal.  I just put the final stitches in a little while ago.  My next goal will be to have it fully finished so it can be displayed by the 4th of July.  I left out one star because it made it too crowded for me and only used one of the called-for colors. I also backstitched my eagle’s head so it was more distinctive.  It was an easy and fun stitch.


I think I will be finishing it on wood blank.  It’s 1″ wide so will stand up on its own on a shelf or table etc. unless I find something else to use.

Hmmm now what will I stitch on for the rest of tonight?

6×4 in, unfinished wood rectangles for crafts 4-pack – Amazon

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