Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day  – a day to remember all who have served to protect our country and gave their life doing so.  I can remember being in the elementary school and high school band and on Memorial Day we would hop on the bus to travel to the cemetery of each of the little towns that made up our school district to play at programs held at each one of them.   I also remember that many of those Memorial Days were a bit too hot to want to be standing out there in our wool band uniforms playing – today would be no exception  to that as heat and humidity continue to rise.  I hated those wool uniforms but they did come in handy when marching at fall football games – just not so good for the summer parades.

Anyway – here is where I left off last night on my Memorial weekend stitch.   A bit more red on the house, a bit more roof and chimneys and then there’s  just some stars to add in.  Unless I get sidetracked I should get this finished later today.


4 comments on “Happy Memorial Day

  1. Cute piece. Glad the firestick installed without issue. Have you seen the floss tube that converts a dmc thread chart into something similar to paint chips. Neat idea!

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