Fun Deliveries

Yes my new Firestick arrived, plugged it in, connected it to my Amazon account and in minutes I was back in business.  Now I can spend the evening catching up on Flosstubes and some other new programs I wanted to watch.  So that was fun delivery #1 (which also included new filter pads for my vacuum – not so fun but necessary).  And I just remembered I had grabbed the mail on the way back from breakfast and it was still in my bag.   In there was  the kit I had pre-ordered earlier this month which arrived probably a week ago but I hadn’t been out to the mailboxes this week yet since it had rained pretty much all week.

Here is Janet Haig Pratt 1883 from Heartstring Samplery.   Just a sweet little sampler.

janet haig pratt 1883

There were several kit options available and I chose the chart and flosses option (since I’m not a linen stitcher).  Here’s the rest of what came in the kit – it just uses four flosses, there’s a little black ring to hang your floss drops on tied in that bundle where under the floss is a postcard showing the original sampler. Ther are also four gorgeous floss drop cards with vintage stitching stuff on them.    I


I may pull fabric so I can start on this one soon.  I plan to use 18 court and the finished stitched area will be approx. 6.5″ (it’s one stitch longer than wide so not a perfect square) and I do have a square frame that I think might be a good match for this as it has some green in it that might look good. Time will tell.

And that rain that we got earlier today – it was short lived but the sun is back out and it has made it so humid and steamy outside so the start of several hot and steamy days has begun.

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  1. delicious, I really like the 4 (just 4) floss colors; looking forward to your start!

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