When good technology goes bad….

My whole night was thrown off last night – suddenly my Firestick for my TV stopped working.  Occasionally it just needs a reboot of the wifi modem.  Did that many many times, rebooted my Spectrum box many times.  Phone was working (if internet was totally out my land line wouldn’t work), computer was working so wifi was up.  Did all the troubleshooting I could find online (which was all the stuff I had previously done) to no avail.  I finally gave up on it last night but realized how dependent I had become on the Firestick since I don’t have cable or satellite or things like that.  I don’t watch regular tv anymore expect for the news/weather; I mostly stream movies, Acorn and Britbox shows and watch Flosstube on my tv.  I finally started watching some old favorite movies on the DVD but all that messing around, waiting for things to boot back up, checking on line, etc. wasted a whole lot of stitching time! 🙂

This morning I thought maybe there was something with the tv itself so I plugged the Firestick into the tv in my sewing room and it did the same thing. So, a new Firestick has been ordered and will arrive tomorrow.  I can watch all the stuff I normally watch thru my Amazon Prime but watching on a lap top compared to the tv is just not fun.   In the grand scheme of things – this is all not a big deal but it was annoying to have my Friday nite stitching and flosstube interrupted.

Anyway, as I had said, I was planning to start a patriotic stitch this weekend and decided to stitch In Full Glory from the Blackbird Designs book Sweet Land of Liberty.  


When I went to pull the flosses, I decided I didn’t like several of them that were used or I didn’t have them.  So I think I only ended up pulling one called for thread and I’m using it to stitch a different section.  So I would have been much farther along if I hadn’t been messing with the Firestick for so long but here’s what I got done last night.   I got the border finished and the strawberries done, and a bit of a start on the flower pot.


It’s going to end up smaller than called for since the called for fabric was 30 count linen  (finished size on that was 5-3/8″ x 6-3/8″) and I’m using 18 count aida so the stitched area of mine will be about 3.5″ x 4.5″.   I may have found a new favorite green to add to my favorite greens’ list – The border/strawberry vines are stitched in WDW Moss which has some lovely shading in it and is more green than some of the frequently called for greens that look more like dried herb sort of greens (more tan). For the rest of the colors I’ve got a mix of WDW (Jaybird and Confederate Gray), CC (Shabby Sheep and Blacksmith Blue), and GA (Old Red Paint and Wood Trail).  The fabric is a scrap of 18 count I had left over from another project – not sure of the color name but its a ToDyeForFabricNMore aida and a bit darker, great mottling than the sunny day (yes we finally have sunshine tho rain expected later today) photo taking is showing.

And, I have some wooden blocks (rectangles about 1″ wide”) that I think this will fit on the front of so it can just stand up on its own.

So on to some chores and possibly a bit of baking.

4 comments on “When good technology goes bad….

  1. Cute start- and once again a matching needle minder 🙂
    Hope your fire stick gets there today and installation is easy. Amazing how much we rely on those things- allowed us to cut the cable too.

    • If I remember right – installation of the Firestick was easy peasy and it should be arriving later today. Ah the needleminder was one I had gotten in a Twin Peaks limited edition kit that was a patriotic theme. I have all the extra needleminders attached to my stitching lamp and spied it there and though it was perfect for this stitch.

  2. Denise, do you have an HDMI cable? If so you should be able to play your laptop through your TV so you’d be able to enjoy the bigger screen.

    As usual, I love your color subsitutions! That red is great. I prefer to use a good red in anything patriotic over rusty colors myself.

    • I do have an HDMI cable but that was the reason I had gotten the Firestick in the first place. Too much bother to move a table or something over near the tv so I had a place to put the lap top where the cord would reach and then I’d still have to get up and go to the laptop if I wanted to switch what I was watching. New Firestick should be arriving today.
      Yes I do like rusty colors but it just didn’t see right for a patriotic piece (plus I didn’t have the called-for color anyway.)

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