Miss Bingley’s Library progress 5-27-22

I have made some good progress stitching on this chart this week.  Filled i all the windowpanes, finished the large expanse of roof and finished a lot of white on the house.   Last night I finally switched to stitching the words since I was tired of stitching white.

miss bingley's library

You may remember I’m rearranging the last two lines of text so it does not split the word “excellent” onto two lines.  I still have more white to stitch on the house.

But, Memorial Day weekend snuck up on me. I realized about Wednesday that hey, I don’t have to work on Monday.  So according to my list of planned starts, I had planned to do a patriotic start this weekend.  So I’m off to go peruse the charts to see what I want to start tonight so I can get the floss and fabric pulled and get to work on it after dinner.