The Perfect Frame

Today I received the most perfect frame for my Mighty Oak stitch.  I thought it might look good but when I saw it in person it is absolutely the most perfect frame to set off that stitch if I do say so myself – and I do! 🙂   I am just so pleased with it I will have to get to framing it in the not-too-distant future.

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  1. Question for the Aida guru- I am interested in doing the three things sampler- I have the appropriate sized aida in stock but it is 16 count. Do you thing I would get good enough coverage with one thread or need to go up to 18 for that. The fabric is an antique white .
    Thanks !
    And yes the frame is perfect!

    • On 16 count that would be one large sampler but I’m sure you are aware of the dimensions. I am no guru – I just know what I like for myself due to trial and error so I can’t answer your question as to good enough coverage because your idea of “good coverage” could be very different from mine. I did stitch a small project or two on 16 count using one thread for some of it – it was fine for what I did but (1) it was a style of stitch which I think can look okay with less coverage (2) I was using a hand dyed aida so those shrink when dyed so likely wasn’t a true 16 count but smaller. The only way to know if you will like it is to do some stitching on it (or a test piece) to see what you think. I’ll be stitching mine on 20 count and leaving off a couple of things I think when I stitch it but I need to see the chart to make those decisions for sure. Hopefully mine will arrive by Saturday since I’m anxious to see it in person and start planning. There are a couple thread colors I’m not too crazy about (but that’s just from photos I’ve seen) so I need to see floss in person but I likely will be making a few changes there too.

      • Thanks! Makes sense. I didn’t even think about the hand dyed impact. Think I’ll do a little trial and decide if one strand or two or break the no buy rule and purchase either 18 or 20 count . I don’t mind the size- will certainly be a statement piece!

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