The Perfect Frame

Today I received the most perfect frame for my Mighty Oak stitch.  I thought it might look good but when I saw it in person it is absolutely the most perfect frame to set off that stitch if I do say so myself – and I do! 🙂   I am just so pleased with it I will have to get to framing it in the not-too-distant future.

Saturday May 21, 2022

One of these days I just know we will see sunshine.  It’s a gloomy looking day and must be nearly 60 degrees.  Of course, since I started taking the bus finally again this week on the 3 days I work at the office, it rained all three but one of those days did hold off until after I had gotten on the bus.  The days I worked at home – no rain. 🙂  I just wandered out to take out the garbage and go get the mail and while it’s very overcast, it actually is a nice day outside since the humidity of yesterday is gone.

Also, having to catch the bus, which has had schedule changes since COVID so my express route doesn’t run anymore, means I have to get up earlier three days a week than I have had to get up in over two years!   So last night I did not do my usual stay up to the wee hours of the morning stitching because I was tired!  I need to get used to having to get up early again and actually earlier than when I used to ride the bus.  But I did get some  progress on Peahen Bird last night before finally putting it down (and maybe dozing off earlier in the evening for a short bit) 🙂

Here’s where I was before I picked it up last night.


And here’s where I left off last night.  Made it all the way to the right corner of the border and got more stitched on the center bird.  The border isn’t difficult, I just need to make sure to count it correctly.


And as I’ve said before – I love the flosses.  Here’s a close up (and in the close up I noticed I have one stitch missing off that backstitched area on top of the big bird’s head so will have to fix that.


The flosses form Owl Forest Embroidery are fun.   The pink flowers – that is all one  floss so you never know when the pink or more peachy will appear as you are stitching but I love how those flowers look.   The rest of that flower motif stem/leaves which range from tan to dark green is all one color floss too as are the other motifs I have stitched in the tan/green color.  You can also see in the big bird’s head where I have started to fill it in that around the eye there is more peachy fill in and below it it’s more pink – that’s the same floss color that was used in the flowers  that the bird body gets filled in with.

Before I forget – Elaine, Ellen and Peggy – things have been crazy busy at work and I have not yet mailed the FCA items you won.  They have finally all made it to the office tho so next week I’ll get them mailed out.  After I left the office yesterday I thought DANG! I forgot again.

I’ve been going through some of my charts figuring out which I may want to start next, figuring out if I have all the gifts from now to end of year planned out and/or in the works, any special starts I want to work on  — basically planning my stitching path (and you know there may be wobbles, meanderings and enablings in that path) for the rest of the year.  But more on that later.